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Mind worried mind by fdjerue7eeu


									Mind worried mind

 happy mind determined to worry


 mind Guangdong Province, Dongshan District, more than four times a day six
yellow school
 mind, the name suggests, is that people thought things. Mind there are two, one is
happy mind, one is not happy thoughts. Great people have feelings children have
minds. For example me, I have happy thoughts, happy thoughts and some not.

  was young, I often preoccupied stand on my balcony, watching the blue sky daze. I
spent what? One asked and found out I was worried that the sky will not fall off. After
listening to this sentence, you may laugh. However, it seems to me not funny. You
think, if the naive fall, what happens? It is definitely fall in a state divided, causing
chaos in the world. Will turn into a dark world, even to the toilet first comes across
the ceiling, do not you comfortable? If you said to me: "Look, do not rush, it will not
fall for." Then you will get an answer like: "days away from us so far, no post support,
certainly did not fall a few days! "Hey, that time I was not a little worry unduly?

 at the time, I am also concerned about a problem. That is what I will not be old.
Elixir of life on TV say something, because I listen to these lies, so as long as the
eating of this drug, you can live forever. You may be tempted to say: "How can the
world what elixir of life? Person gets older, you should not be so afraid of you?"
Because I was still young, naive, and so you say one would not listen (of course now

, of course, like me in the eyes of the "boy or" there are things that stem out
embarrassed in my heart. Kindergarten year when I had "escaped the school." Day,
our family sent me to school motorcycle ride to the school gate, because the previous
day on a happy naughty too far, and the result was the teacher try to "help" a little,
mind still worried about it, so about motorcycles, they fly also like to run back. That
speed really "fast" was "shocked" people. Mother saw him, rushed off to recover,
security is also enlivened by the entrance. I ran a while, suddenly the shoulder was a
big hand firmly grasped. I looked back and, worse, is my father! I am really a
dilemma. As the father "gently" one pull, I then on the motorcycle. After returning
home to meet my surprise was a "storm": father, mother styled posture, turns to me,
"bombing", give me a good lesson.

 The mind, most people I do not tell others. But, you have to for my privacy, do not
say to other people to listen yo!
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