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 military training instructor notes a while

 military training notes

 military training notebook Cixi City, Zhejiang Province, Xiaolin Town, Cixi City
Central Primary School, 6 (8) Ye Aifang
 one week summer vacation or a short time, can be a long, and thus unwittingly
passed. These days, really sweet and sour, with bitter and spicy, so I never forget.

  Once, our instructors taught us weeks to go the way of practice. Decomposition of a
movement began to practice, he let us each shoulder stand on another's shoulders,
then put your foot up, and lift up the higher the better. First line also could be some
time down the burning sun tan we all can not stand it, together with feet has been
lifted for a moment, all acid acid dead, Who can stand ah. We will continually to put
down the foot. Then, suddenly turned instructors week, terrified us all, we then
quickly lift the feet. Week instructor at us, smiled and said: "You ah, military training
are not for me but for yourselves. You are not good, studious, regret later is up to
you!" At these words, we are very sorry , quickly lift up your feet high, and

 little while children, look at our training instructors week very seriously, we were
asked to rest.

  good rest, and instructors told us to start to go goose. We are extremely pleased to
finally not be "fixed" in there, you can frankly go. Unexpectedly, after walking
several times, we all felt so hard walked the way of really, really do not know the TV
People's Liberation Army uncles who are training out how.

 "out of his left foot, lift the right hand, the right foot, lift left hand. When, raising his
hand to put his hand on his chest about 10 cm in places, not too high or too low. Take
the goose time, but also pay attention to chest, abdomen, hands flat on the chest.
"Zhou instructors told us over and over again with action essentials, from time to time
to show us.

  in accordance with the instructor taught us the way, through repeated practice several
times, we really went fairly much better start, week while instructors revealed in
praise of a smile, our hearts than to eat the honey also sweet.

 Instructor: Yuqing Qing
 Submission :2005-9-1620: 18:08
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