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The 3rd Annual Flood Party
Thank you to everyone who made the effort to attend the best flood party to date, it
was certainly the busiest. The weather held out, the kids were kept entertained and
families had fun trying their hand at Aunt Sally. We even had a celebrity guest
threatening to take part in the family Aunt Sally competition.
In the evening it was then left to those adults who still had enough energy to dance
the evening away courtesy of resident DJ Nick Here are a few numbers for you:
         Over 150 people attended throughout the day
         459 ½ pints of real ale were served
         124 hog roast baps consumed
         20 homemade beef and lamb burgers consumed
         25 desserts consumed
Thanks to all your generosity we have managed to raise £1,100 for a worthy cause in
the village. From talking to a few or our regulars in the pub we have decided to donate
the entire amount to the Clanfield Pre-School.
Jane at the school was obviously delighted especially as they are moving premises at
the end of the year. It has been decided that the money will be used towards a
specific part of a new outdoor play area for the school; more details will follow when
the decision has been made as to what exactly it will be used for.
It will also be recognised in some shape or form at the school that the items were
purchased with the help of the hugely generous villagers who attended the flood party
in 2010.
Thank you again,
                                                                   Tom @ The Tavern

Say NO to quarries in our village
Before I begin my summary update for you, there is something of great importance
that must be said to those of you who are giving your time, your energy, your talents
and your money to AGGROW – our campaign to fight sand and gravel excavation
proposals in and around Clanfield.
    To those whose generosity is enabling this campaign to move forward
    To those who collate and put in the leg work to deliver flyers
    To those who bring ideas and give of their talents to our cause
    To those who seek funding and donations
    To those displaying posters and collecting boxes for us
    To those who are sponsoring our publicity and seeking media opportunities
    To those helping with organisation and administration ……..and,
    to the young people of our village …….
    to those who are busy organising a fundraising car wash
 to the three under 7s who helped me to unload all those boxes of flyers, envelopes
etc from my car….. and
 to the little chap who went to the trouble of seeking me out to deliver a donation…..a
very special thank you.
            Without you, there would be nothing to say in this article!
Since my last update, things have moved on apace and AGGROW now has its own
web site that you can access to keep yourselves abreast of developments., or follow us on Face Book.
The steering group is working tirelessly on your behalf and is well on the way to
formulating a strong case. We hope that this will persuade Oxfordshire County
Council that the sand and gravel that lays beneath Clanfield should be regarded as a
resource of last resort!
We are advised by our consultants that we should focus on the poor road
infrastructure of this village and its surrounds; on its flat landscape and on the
potential implications for flooding. To do this we will need to employ specialist
expertise to undertake in depth surveys of these areas for us
We have engaged our district and county councillors and have an appointment with
our Member of Parliament to discuss our concerns. We have attended focus groups
facilitated by OCC and have pressed our case in the strongest terms, and, currently,
we are very busy presenting to other villages and engaging national and regional

organisations who we hope will add their support to our cause. With your help, we
will continue; without it, we cannot.
Through the generosity of some, we have been able to employ the professional
expertise of Planning Consultants, who have wisely advised that we should make
preparations for a Public Enquiry should Clanfield appear as OCCs preferred option.
Given that our area features in 2 of the 3 OCC options, it would be naive to think that
this is not possible, or even probable.
If we are to become the subject of a Public Enquiry, those of us on the AGGROW
steering group will be no match for contractors’ barristers. To have any chance of
winning, we will need to employ our own barrister. If this is the case, the cost will be
The overriding purpose of our recent leaflet drop was focussed on seeking your
financial help to pay for the specialist expertise we need now, and legal
representation, should we need it in the near future. To this end, leaflets have been
delivered to all houses in all of the 12 villages that make up AGGROW. The money
raised from your donations or pledges will enable us to strengthen our case and, if
necessary, to fight at a Public Enquiry. Without funds, we cannot continue to fight.
Please don’t throw the leaflet away without first thinking what it might mean for
your future here in Clanfield.
Thank you,
                                                                           Lynda Scott
                                                            Clanfield Parish Councillor
In addition …
There is another website that will help interested Clanfield
residents keep in touch regarding the proposal for mining sand & gravel from the
designated areas in the Oxfordshire County Council / Hanson plan. Have a look and
see what you think….
                                                                            John Elsley

                                           Not again!
                                           You dirty dog
                                           This time the culprit is fouling the
                                           pathway along the top of playing field
                                           between Mill Lane and the allotments
                                           near the church. There are poo bins
                                           either end so there is no excuse. If your
                                           dog finds it too tricky to place his poo in
                                           a bag and dispose of it in the bins
                                           provided please help him—he knows no
                                           Please, please save mums the task of
                                           cleaning your dog’s poo from their
                                           children’s shoes.

    A set of chrome leaf collectors call
         810452 if you find them.

WHAT? Mystery Couple
                                            Firework Warning
Most people in Clanfield must have seen
the small plane flying around the village   On Saturday the 28th of August at about
during the afternoon of Saturday 24th       10.45pm there will be a firework display,
July. Trailing behind the plane was a       part of a private party being held at
banner with the words;                      Friars Court.

   ‘I love you Frau Strobel - Matthias’     As always we like to forewarn villagers
                                            about a forthcoming display so nervous
Who is this lady and does she return his    dogs can be comforted and anyone
affections. There are a number of people    wanting to watch the rockets and flares
asking about this and someone must          can step out into their gardens and
know.                                       enjoy the show.
    Let the WHAT? know!                                              Charles Willmer

       For straight forward advice on buying,
       selling or letting property, please call                               

Wasps or hornets a
problem? Creepy crawlies                     JON LODGE &
causing a nuisance?
Contact us to get those pesky pests
under control!                               General Builders
We provide pest control at very
competitive rates for the eradication of   Extensions, driveways,
rats, mice, wasps, hornets and other
insects.                                    patios, fencing, upvc
For costs or to book a pest control         windows+doors, roof
treatment go online or call 01993
                                              repairs, laminate
We can eliminate 75% of rodent                     flooring
infestations within 15 working days and
90% of insect infestations on our first     27 years experience
visit. All treatments are carried out as
humanely as possible and we only use         01367 810679 or
approved pesticides and methods.
                                               07870 196178

                                LINDSEY ALLAN
                       Quality Cordon Bleu Cuisine
    I provide a flexible service tailored to meet all your
     requirements, from the simple supper party to the
                    more formal dinner.
                       My other services include –
                           Business Lunches
                            Cocktail parties
                   Telephone 01367 810340 mobile 07799 777107

  Unpredictable English Weather!
  All we can say is when the sun is shining the
 terrace is open for you to enjoy lunch, dinner or
         just a drink under the umbrellas.

     Here’s to a fabulous spring/summer!!!

        Bar open throughout the day for
             drinks, tea and coffee
          Restaurant Opening Times
  Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner

               Clanfield 810222

Have you visited our new award winning website

Back in March Parish Councils were invited to submit to ORCC (Oxfordshire Rural
Community Council) at least one feature of their community, which they felt made a
difference to life in their village. ORCC was founded in 1920 and to celebrate their 90th
birthday have produced a book highlighting all the good things that happen in the rural
towns and villages; community shops, village halls, community bus, places to play,
lunch clubs and Drop-ins. Our own Monday Drop-in was submitted and we were
fortunate to be accepted as ‘one for the book’ and invited to attend a 90th Birthday
Party in July where we learned so much more about the ORCC and all the help and
support it gives to rural communities – we had no idea how much until that day! We
met many interesting helpful people, enjoyed a very good buffet lunch followed by
closing talks and the cutting of the Birthday Cake. Four of us went from Clanfield,
Linda Scott our parish councillor and three from the Monday Drop-in organising
Monday Drop-in has closed now but reopens 12.00 noon, 6th September at The
Carter Institute so if you have never been to one of our Soup Lunches please come
along, age is no barrier babies to the over 90’s everyone is very welcome, we are
advertised in the WHAT? and Contact magazine or phone John Greatrex (Clanfield
810609) - offers of help are most welcome! We don’t make a charge for lunch but
donations are always acceptable, any money remaining after expenses is used for
supporting charities – local and overseas.
This photo was taken earlier this summer during one of our lunches

  G . P. J O N E S
                                             A C Smart Tiling
                                          Reliable and Professional Service
  GENERAL BUILDING &                          from 18 years experience.
                                             For the fixing of Ceramic,
Brick & Stonework    Pergolas & Decking    Porcelain, Mosaic, Terracotta,
Extensions           Closeboard             Slate, Marble, Natural Stone
Driveways            Stock Fencing                 and Glass Tiles.
Patio & paving       Chain Link
Plastering           Post & Rail                All work guaranteed.
Rendering            Panels                   Free quotes, tile quantity
Drainage             Gates
                                          calculations and advice available
Guttering & Fascia   Boat Moorings
                                                 with no obligation.
Call for a free estimate                           01993 851694
Telephone: 01367 810464                                Adrian Smart
  Mobile: 07790 501181                      1 Primrose Cottage, Weald, Bampton

The Clanfield Clean-Up
We wanted to clear the Clanfield Brook/ River on the 4th July but due to the pending
case against the village by the Police the EA (Environmental Agency) would not
agree to us carrying out what after all is the riparian owner responsibility to keep the
water way free and flowing.
In the Pub a new date of the 24th July was agreed for the clear up. After great efforts
by the chairman of the Parish Council the EA finally agreed to meet us on the
Thursday before to tell us what we should and should not do.
A Daryl Buck arranged to meet up with parish councillors Alan Crisp and John
Bowler on Thursday morning. We were introduced to Mr Steve Baker who is an
enforcement officer for the EA. He was present to ensure that neither parties
discussed the February Clear-up as the case is currently with the Crown
Prosecution Service. Mr Baker duly spent the morning with us – is this not insane? -
our taxes being spent when all Government bodies should be trying to save monies!
The position Clanfield find themselves in with the EA is amazing by any standards - I
am sure that Mr and Mrs Vole had no intention of causing us all these problems.
They are on holiday at present and we’re sure they would have had something to
say if they were here.
Now to the 24th July Village Clean-Up – an overwhelmingly fantastic turn out of over
40 people joined in. Seven groups were organised to carry out tasks from clearing
out the Clanfield Brook/River to litter picking. Everyone just got on with the job. To
his credit Daryl Buck turned up to ensure that we were not over enthusiastic and
retained at least 6 to 8 inches of growth when strimming. (Everyone had a good
laugh about that!)
At 11.00am Tom at the Clanfield Tavern had arranged for us all to return to the pub
for bacon sandwiches and coffee. It was very welcome and a big thank you is due
for this generous contribution. Also thanks are due to Roger Prew who supplied the
It was clear that we had made good progress and that the Brook/River would be
cleared by the end of the day. The litter pickers reported that the village was in good
shape - most of the litter coming from passing cars and vans.
By 1.30pm the work was completed and a very smelly but happy group returned to
the pub - this time for ale and good company. We had achieved a great deal in just
one morning.
If the monsoon season had come in early July then the village could have had flood
problems as the Brook/River was badly clogged and in some parts blocked with
weeds and reeds. This is exactly what happened in July 2007 when the flood plains
to the east of the village were not in use as water was being held up in un-cleared
and un-cared for brooks and rivers.

The village should thank all these magnificent volunteers for a wonderful job. They
certainly deserve it.
We are told that the EA will clear out in the autumn which is encouraging news.

Clanfield Produce Show 2010
Saturday 4th September
This year we have challenged the Under 12’s to make a refrigerator cake. By this we
mean one of those broken biscuit and chocolate yummy things that are a bit like
flapjack rather than a cake. We do hope parents will encourage their kids to ‘have a
go’. There’s no cooking involved – just melting. There are many versions and some of
you will have a favourite we’re sure, but here is a BBC recipe by way of an example:-
         225g/8oz digestive or ginger nut biscuits, broken into small pieces
         25g/1oz dried cherries
         25g/1oz glace cherries, chopped
         25g/1oz dried apricots, chopped
         25g/1oz dried blueberries
         25g/1oz sultanas
         25g/1oz mixed peel
         25g/1oz flaked almonds
         175g/6oz dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids) broken into small pieces
         140g/5oz unsalted butter
         3 tbsp double cream
     Mix together in a bowl all the ingredients except the chocolate, butter and cream.
     Place the chocolate, butter and cream into a saucepan over a low heat and allow
     the chocolate to melt, stirring to combine.
     Pour the chocolate over the biscuit mix and stir everything well until combined.
     Meanwhile line a 20cm/8in cake tin with a large sheet of foil pressing it carefully
     into the tin. Brush the foil with a scant coating of vegetable oil.
     Spoon the chocolate mix into the foil lined cake tin and push down well. Cover
     the cake with more foil and place in the refrigerator. Chill for about two hours.
     Remove from the tin and lift off the foil. Cut into wedges.
Our judge looks forward to tasting the results.
Any questions about the Show call: Alison 810543 Caroline 810452 Judy 810248 Liz
810465 Mary 810419 Sue 810184

Clanfield W.I.
The July meeting was a river trip down the Thames from Lechlade to just above
Buscot Lock and back. Well, we were meant to get back, but I am jumping ahead of
myself. We set off just after 7pm (sorry everyone for being late!) and it was a lovely
evening. The weather was dry and not too windy. We enjoyed a delicious
ploughman’s supper, served by attentive staff, and saw lots of wildlife (when we
stopped talking long enough to look out of the windows). However, just after passing
through St. John’s Lock, we pulled over to the side and waited and waited and waited.
Then came the announcement: we had broken down – something wrapped round the
propeller. Fortunately, the boat crew and lock-keeper were able to pull us back into
the lock. The lock-keeper’s wife taxied some of us back to fetch our cars and very
soon we were all able to get off the boat and back into the cars to go home. So a very
unexpected end to the evening with no harm done – if we had broken down anywhere
else we would have been unable to get off the boat onto the bank and so could have
been stuck for hours!
August sees a first for Clanfield WI – in lieu of our January meeting which was
cancelled due to snow, we are meeting in August for what promises to be a fun (and
land-bound) evening with (so I have been told) Pimms! Come and join us! For more
details, contact our president: Heather Clarke - 01367 810655.
                                                                         Judith Hillier

      Clanfield Produce Show
     At Tincknells old workshop opposite
               the Post Office

      SATURDAY 4th September
  STAGING                                       9.30 am - 11.30 am
  PUBLIC VIEWING                                2.30 pm - 3.30 pm
  PRESENTATION OF CUPS                          4.00 pm


St. Stephen’s Church
The last weekend of the Midsummer Celebrations saw the
beautiful Flower Festival. The festival theme this year was
Children’s Stories and so we had Sleeping Beauty, Hansel
and Gretel, Rumpelstiltkin, Goldilocks and the Three Bears to
name but a few. Each and every one was very ingenious in
their use of flowers and props to illustrate the stories and
many people thoroughly enjoyed visiting the church and
looking at all the creations. Thank you very much to all the
ladies who spent so much time and effort in making the
displays for us to enjoy.
July has also been a busy time in St Stephen’s: Ehryn Count was baptised on 4th July
by her grandfather who is vicar at the Anglican Church in Barcelona – a very special
service for all the family and congregation.
Monday 5th July saw the burial and memorial service of Neil McCormick, son-in-law of
Brian and Vivienne Wallis. Our little church was packed to the rafters with 195
mourners. Several friends and Neil’s sister, Julia Boyle, gave very moving eulogies.
Many of Neil’s friends from the banking community attended, some flying in from
Hong Kong to attend. The collection of £2,108.84 is to be split between St. Stephen’s
and ‘Help for Heroes’. Our prayers and sympathy go to all the family.
Sunday 18th July saw an unusual and enjoyable service in St. Stephen’s: owing to a
double-booking, there was no minister available to lead worship and so we had a
‘Songs of Praise’ service, ably planned by Nancie and well-led by John Greatrex.
Thank you both for organising this and thanks to everyone who suggested hymns. It
was lovely that so many were able to bravely explain why their chosen hymn meant
so much to them and we all enjoyed singing them!
Services in August
Sunday 1st August:    10.30am Family Service led by Judith Hillier.
Sunday 8th August:    9.15 am Holy Communion led by Rev. Tessa Kuin-Lawton
Sunday 15th August:   10.30am Holy Communion led by Rev. David Lloyd.
Sunday 22nd August:   10.30 am Family Service led by TBC.
Sunday 29th August:   10.30am United Parish Eucharist led by Rev. David Lloyd.
Sunday 5th September: 10.30am Family Service led by Judith Hillier.
Date for your diary
Monday Lunches: There will be no Monday lunches during August, but they will start
again from Monday 6th September. If you are able to help make or serve soup, please
contact John or Nancie Greatrex on 01367 810609.


       Small and friendly pre-school,
      providing learning through play
     in a fun environment for children
               aged 2 – 5 years.
      Open 8.45am-2.45pm offering a
              range of sessions.
           ‘Good’ OFSTED report
      We are a Forest School and offer
           a summer play scheme.
      For further details contact Jane
           Brown on 01367 810365

                            APPLIANCE REPAIRS & SERVICE
          A PHONE CALL
                            CLANFIELD        01367 810512
                            MOBILE           07711 427497

   BELINDA BILLINGE                         MALC NEWMAN
     Dip.CFHP MPSPract(FHP) MVR
                                     FITTER OF BLINDS, CURTAINS POLES,
                                      VERTICAL ROLLER AND VENETIAN
                                        BLINDS SUPPLIED ON REQUEST
 *CORN REMOVAL *CALLUSES REDUCED              TEL: 01367 810558
    *VERRUCAE/WART TREATMENT                  MOB: 07984 602093
    FOR HOME VISITS CALL                  E-MAIL
                                         OVER 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE
 01367 243052 or 07791 093 023         (ALSO ODD JOBS UNDERTAKEN )

TYACK ON 01993
831350 FOR

                          The Retreat
                                      Beauty Salon
                                         Body Talk
                           Harvest View, Buckland Marsh,
                            Nr Faringdon, Oxfordshire
                                Tel: 01367 870444
         At ‘The Retreat’ we promise that our treatments are the best available locally.
     We can be found situated within the most tranquil of settings, and our friendly and
 professional staff guarantee you will receive a calm, restful, soothing and relaxing treatment.

     Why not take the opportunity to treat yourself to one of our monthly offers:

 During June our Decleor tanning treatment is on offer. Why not treat your skin to some
summer sun with this beautifully natural Tan. Choose one application for a natural glow or
             two for that deeper sun kissed look! Offer available at 25% off!

 Throughout July why not treat your hands and feet to the best Manicure and Pedicure
   Treatment available. Using our fabulous OPI products, your hands and feet are
guaranteed to be left feeling blissfully soft, hydrated and relaxed. Available at 20% off!

             Call us now for further information or to make a booking.

Clanfield Baby and Toddler Group
Our ‘Big Toddle’, a sponsored walk on 23rd June raised about £400 for Barnardos and
Toddler Group. From this, we have made a £80 donation to AGGROW – the anti-
gravel pit campaign. We also ran a stall at the Clanfield fete on 27th June. In July, we
continued with our crafts and also playing outside when possible between the
showers of rain. Our last session was Wednesday 21st July and we recommence on
Wednesday 8th September.
This summer we are saying goodbye to our current committee who have been
organising Toddlers for the last 2 years: as a group we are very grateful for all the
creativity and hard work that they have put in – so much of it behind the scenes.
Fortunately, a new committee has been formed of willing and talented volunteers, so
the group will continue to meet and to thrive.
We meet every Wednesday morning (during term-time) from 9.30am to 11.30am at
the Carter Institute, Clanfield for games, crafts, singing, snacks for the children, and
lots of tea, coffee and friendly faces for the grown-ups. If you and your kid(s) are free
on Wednesdays mornings, please come and join us from 9.30am – 11.30am.
                                                                            Judith Hillier

       Nick Rowland
                &                                   Clanfield Pre-school
            JOINERY                               Registered Charity No: 1119060
           Kitchens etc                                 Are holding a
         made to individual                           favours auction
           requirements                         on Saturday 10th July 2.00pm
         FREE ESTIMATES                          at Clanfield Primary School
          Tel: 01993 840347                        Family attractions, BBQ,
        Mobile: 07971 514540                        Bar, Stalls - lots of fun!
                                                     Come along and bag
                                                          a bargain!


                                     LEAD/ASBESTOS/CAST IRON GUTTERING
SWINDON (01793) 527171               DUTCH BARNS/BARNS & FARM
                                     BUILDINGS MAINTENANCE OR
CHELTENHAM (01242) 26151             REPLACEMENT OF
WITNEY (01993) 841193                ROTTING FASCIAS, BARGE BOARDS
                                     OR SOFFITS
OXFORD (01865) 724127
                                     MAINTENANCE FREE UPVC


Charles                                             NO CALL OUT
                                                   CHARGE WITHIN
    HICKMAN Ltd.                                  LOCAL emergency call
      Heating & Plumbing Engineer

  Central heating installation    With over 30 years experience of
  New bathrooms/showers             installing Heating & Plumbing
  Upgrade heating controls             systems, small works and
  Outdoor taps                   maintenance, please call Charles for
  Washing machine installation    a professional and reliable service
  Small works

       (Clanfield) 01367 810457 or Mobile 07760 170625

                                                 Belly Dancing
                                            Every Sunday evening in the Clanfield
WHAT?’s On                                  Football Club from 7.30-8.30pm –
     Clanfield Pre-school                   exercise with a difference! Suitable for
                                            all abilities; bring soft shoes and a
For children in the age range 2–5 at the    sense of humour!! Call Karen on
Methodist Church Hall. Open every           810680
Monday to Friday from 8.45am -
2.45pm during term-time. Call Jane              Historical Society
Brown on 01367 810848 for details           Meets on the third Tuesday of the
     Clanfield Baby & Toddlers              month between October and May at
                                            7.30 pm at the Carter Institute.
Every Wednesday at the Carter Institute
from 9.30am until 11.30am. Contact              Carter Institute
Fiona 01367 810534'                         For bookings contact Mrs. Kate
     Women’s Institute                      O’Donnell on 01367 810440
Meetings are held every second
Tuesday in the month at 7.30 p.m. in
the Carter Institute. Notices giving                   Woofy Do's
details of the meeting will be on display            (mobile service)
in the Post Office and village notice
boards. All welcome. Contact Heather
Clarke, 12 Manor Lane, Clanfield 01367        Professional dog grooming
810655.                                       carried out in your home
     Mobile Library Service
The Mobile Library will visit Clanfield
                                              Stress free for your dog
every other Thursdays; by the Church           and convenient for you
from 1:00pm to 1:15pm then Queens
Crescent 2:20pm to 2:35pm                      Please call Sarah-Jane
     Bell Ringing
                                                   07753 856446
Practice night each Wednesday from
7.30 - 9.00 pm at St. Stephen's Church.        Clipping, hand-stripping,
New ringers always welcome. Contact
Tower Captain: Ian Kenworthy 01367                   puppy cuts etc
810577 or Deputy: Catherine Bernard
01367 810587                      

      Snooker Club
6 pm – 10 pm every Tuesday, Thursday
& Friday evening, upstairs in the Carter
Institute. Contact Tony Harrison on
810449.                                                            What?
                                                        Advertising Rates
WHAT? To Trade                                           (as from April 2006)

  Zanussi slimline Dishwasher               Full page   (128 x 190 mm) £24.00
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     £50 ono Call: 810452                               (60 x 85 mm)     £10.00
                                            Eighth page (58 x 40 mm)     £6.00
                                              Adverts can be sent by email in either MS
Advertise for FREE anything you’d like
                                                 Word, MS Publisher or as a JPEG.
to sell or give away - from children’s
clothes & toys to books & DVDs;               Email letters and articles to:
furniture to surplus garden plants.
Adverts should not be longer than 20
words and must include a contact            Deliver Handwritten Articles to:
telephone number. This offer is only          Pat Rushton, Yew Tree House, Bampton
open to residents of Clanfield.                   Road, Clanfield: 01367 810253
                                                 Jan Smith, 12 High House Close,
Paws for thought...                                          Clanfield

Get your dog microchipped for just          For general queries please contact:
£14.87 to make sure your four-legged              Liz Gaertner    01367 810465
friends can be easily identified and              Caroline Hudson 01367 810452
quickly returned to you if he or she goes         Charles Willmer 01367 810206
walkies alone.
Simply bring your dog to:                    The WHAT? would like to
                                             remind readers that it does not
Witney Farm Supplies, Burford Road,
Witney on 20 August 10am - 4pm
                                             accept responsibility for the
Alternatively call 01993 861020 or           content of any article printed.
request an appointment online.               Views printed are solely those
                                             of the contributor.
Microchipping only takes a few minutes
and will last forever.                       The WHAT? will publish all
It involves the insertion of a small         contributors’ names unless
microchip under your dog’s skin. Your        anonymity is specifically
details and your pet’s are added to a        requested. Anonymous articles
national database and, should your dog       and or letters will not be printed.
go astray, he or she can be easily
                                             The WHAT? reserves the right
scanned, identified, and reunited with
you.                                         to edit any article, where
                                             appropriate, according to the            available space.


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