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					Melissa and her mother

 daughter of surprise and then her mother


 Wuzhen, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, five primary plant materials ( 2) red
 peculiarity Today is Mother's Day, teacher actually a very bizarre arrangement of the
operation: his mother a surprise, and what's been written in the article, and then called
his mother to write comments.

 after school, I returned home and immediately wanted to give my mother what kind
of surprises. I think several elements, all do not think it appropriate only to want. I
kept thinking, I am reminded of the mother love of labor. Suddenly, my eyes lit up.
Think of the gifts can be a big surprise to her mother.

 face I immediately jumped down from his chair, looked at clock, okay, there are 30
minutes before her mother returned home. I must hurry to give mom hands make the
best gift - to do some housework.

  I first walked into the bathroom and took a piece of cloth, playing a pot of water to
get inside the room. First, I took the dry cloth to wipe VCD. Then I wet the cloth,
wiping from the table and the doors and windows. I clean from top to bottom, then
wipe from left to right, so, I repeatedly wiping, the room, every place is very clean
and polished, it was a light. After a good rub, I see the following relatively dirty floor.
So I picked up a broom sweeping the floor, and then I brought to the floor mop drag
the come. I also repeated with a clean mop to mop the floor. Soon, I was like a clean
floor for too mirror. Drag clean room, and then I went to the living room, the kitchen
continues to engage in health. Most difficult to get a clean place to be the kitchen.
There full of smoke, hardly cleaned.

 "When, when, when ..." 5 o'clock, and my mother to go home. "Sand, sand, sand,"
not few minutes, my mother took out the key open the. She entered the room to see a
clean room and living room. Then she went to the kitchen wanted to cook. Then she
saw the top of the Liangtang Tang, and ground lights flashing, can not help but cried,
"My God! Who is doing a good job for me so good health you?" I bounce from the
door, ran up and said: "I ah!" "ah, my Melissa do! do good!" She opened her arms and
hugged me.

 Instructor: Feng Yongkang

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