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					Lu-yu trouble trouble

 Lu-yu granny trouble listening to


 Lu-yu Fujian Province, Ningde Pingnan experiment Three primary school years Lin

 One morning, I and Tang Min go home, go halfway and found that there is a bad
smell, then fire in all wait and see, the original is sitting Roadside grandmother vomit
all over the floor.

  look at these disgusting things, I'll pull up Min Tang would like to bypass the point.
But I just ran a few steps, Tang Min on the break away I ran to the grandmotherly side,
asked: "Grandmother, you are wrong with you?" "No ... ... nothing, doing it again
recurred, and no big deal was, for a while no matter anymore! "" You where she lived?
me to take you back now! "" a little small problems, it need not trouble you. "granny
wrinkled brow stretch some. "No, no, how can it be trouble? Our teacher always
taught us, should help elders, helping others. Now, you old encounter difficulties, and
how can I stand it?" Grandmother listened, and said: " really good boy. the thrust of
my home is nearby, how much time you should not delay. "

 Yuehua Jian, Tang Min has single-handedly Chanqi grandmother, hand luggage for
the old lady carrying a bag, with difficulty and went on. Hearing these words, my face
turned red, even as I move and shame. I can not compound that error was. So, I ran
over, took the hands of the big package Tang Min, and her piece of the old lady back

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