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 Lotus Pond lotus pond moonlight as

  Lotus Pond Hengdong County Chengguan Lan Yin 72 classes for two heart
  "black- !, "the city last ray of light, disappeared in the pale moonlight, had irritable
heart in such a beautiful night, calmed down.
  humming an old tune, walk through the hutong alley in Beijing, it struck me that a
quiet pond, in the beautiful moonlight, the overall appearance of the revamp, right?
  ring with the lotus pond, is a tortuous trail, the roadside trees lush, revealing a kind
of thriving vitality.
  pond edge, the air was filled with refreshing the delicate fragrance. Gentle moonlight,
shrouded in the silent pond, as the mother kind of look deeply into her child, as a
layer of white silk wind around the pond to pond to add a hazy sense.
  unsteadily on a lotus leaf with dew How many pieces about long, like a jasper plate
rolling round pearl. Layers of green leaves, large flower bloom with large pink
flowers Netherlands. See, some stretch on tiptoe dance; some closure dress, with a
sweet smile to sleep. Blooming lotus as the sky bright Hongxia; as Painting of
beautiful dancers; like fairy holding the hands of the dazzling pearl. Lotus immaculate
character, pink and tender of the petals, the Ye Er Bi Chengcheng, faint fragrance,
people want to sing from the heart in her.
  good one memorable Lotus Pond ah!
  2009 年 7 月 18 N. .. article from [worry document] collection
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