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Look_ our family mother father


									Look, our family mother father

 family, father and mother hen

 You see, our family
 You see, our family
 AC 5th grade elementary school built in 4 classes Sun Hanlin

  in our family has three members that though we are a people, our personalities are
different. Dad, Mom and I are a member of the Chinese zodiac, which three do?
  "old ox"
  "old ox" is my father, his daily sun would get up even earlier than the morning
session with his shadow is always "top." When Mom and I woke up, my father have
been prepared delicious meals, waiting for my mother and I ate breakfast. At noon,
my mother helped me in homework time, and my father always busy in the kitchen.
Night, he always the last to come back, each time not to mention the vegetables and
fruits, that is, with some tasty. Even if the work shift, will the rice to make it. In
addition to cooking, daily sweeping, mopping, washing dishes are his people. Father
to the family, not like a conscientious old ox it?
  "Big Hen"
  "Big Hen" is my mother, my mother, like love, like a big hen nagging, but also as
bad temper, like a hen. Most people speak at home every day is mother, you hear: "the
clothes!" "Hurry up, go to school to be late!" "Watching TV, go do homework!" "Not
to play the piano, is I ask you not want to eat 'bamboo meat'! "... ... my mother said so
many words a day, really can go as an announcer. But if not for my father, my mother
would not become a "big hen" Ah!
  "small-Lan Zhu"
  needless to say, "Little Lan Zhu," is me, call me small Lan Zhu reason is because I
am playing the computer, what do not love dry, mother to do, I just do not say to quit.
Take my mother's words is "pushing a push, move a bit." Each one wanted to learn to
sleep, yawn. Lie-in is my favorite weekends are basically up until after 10 o'clock.
"Little Lan Zhu" is the nickname my mother gave me.
  how, our whole family is not very interesting?

 Teacher: Han Lingzhi

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