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 lonely they like her


  lonely Guangxi Liuzhou riding a crane Road Primary School 5 (3) class Chia-Wei
  today, when I was running to see there are 2 big brother are running side by side,
they run very fast several times more than me. Saw them talking and laughing along
the way, apparently did not feel tired like, when I envied them: 2 people ran together,
and perhaps the strength and stamina will slowly consume it, let alone what they are
talking and laughing in ? I could not help to think of myself: I am a man ran in the
Man Youyou the feel tired tired, of course, that good alone. I looked at them and wear
are jackets, pants, but they seem to not feel the slightest cold, perhaps the friendship
between the cold melt it, look at his long hair vest plus clothing plus jacket, but in
Autumn's eat, I still feel so cold, cold to the mind to go, think about really good alone:
I am an only child, childhood is his play, perhaps because it does not feel young, but
with age growth, like the kind of loneliness has grown up along with, in fact, no one
wanted to lonely, lonely, but do not know why you will find yourself attacked you,
alone seems unable to control himself, I too could not help self alone, that kind of
terrible loneliness arises spontaneously, diffuse into the heart the sea. In fact, we are
not alone, we have students in school, we have friends in the community. But at home
we are there then? Most of us have only one child, so must be very bored at home, but
at home there who make up our hearts alone do? Almost no grace can be. Because all
adults in the home, they usually had a very busy work, they have no time to appreciate
our feelings alone, then how to do? Should only allow continued rampant spread of
loneliness in my heart it? How can this? But what we do? Yeah I would like to think,
to be involuntary tears fell down, and finally my mother told me to go home to eat,
and I think it stopped down.

  lonely I hate you, hope you will not be as brutal attacks on our human soul that

 Instructor: Chung Tai-Ling
 Comment: You are a thoughtful girl!

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