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									Lonely lonely grandfather, grandmother,

 lonely grandparents heart

 lonely grandfather

 lonely grandfather
 Jiangning District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province Moling Central Primary School, 6 (4)
Ban Xi Min
 My grandfather, 72 years old this year, perhaps because after too much weathered,
pale brown, wrinkled face, dryness of the eyes deeply stuck in the sockets. An old
dark green jacket was his favorite.

  grandmother at the time, my grandfather loved to work in the fields, since the
grandmother died, not large to the fields, and heart is always thinking of Grandma.
Grandfather is not happy, went to the fields to pick tea. Perhaps the reason is the mind
too much, my grandfather always Manyou You to picking. Usual, my grandfather
always dinner to my house to sit for a while. Get a chair, a man sat quietly, no words,
only smoking a cigarette, lost in the eyes staring into the distance, as if thinking what.
I looked at the way my grandfather that facial expression, heart sad.

 grandfather sat for a while, get up and hobble away. I looked at his passing away,
slowly disappearing in the night, the slight figure, a good heart, afraid of a sudden ... ...
sleep, grandfather figure that has been thin flash before my eyes. Grandfather,
grandmother, as I would like to remember, his mind how uncomfortable it is ah!

  Instructor: Pang Changxing
  Comment: Most of today's children can not understand the difficulties their elders,
nor to its share, especially the older generation is the grandfather and grandson is even
less common language. But little of this article feeling rich, meticulous, on a public
and a deep feeling of loneliness, the text between the expression of concern for
Grandpa. Worthy of praise!

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