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									Little Sunflower Orchid Orchid

 little sun orchid leaves

 little sunflower Kandun Street Cixi City East Primary School 5 Canton (4) Li
Mengjia summer vacation Mom bought me from the bird market, a large pan of
orchids, I took the orchid, but was happy.
 this orchid's leaves are thin and long, a cluster of a cluster, in these leaves, the good
several flower pale green orchids are already open. Listen to the teacher, Jing Su
elegant orchid, fragrance was very hot for the "best in the world, Hong", also hailed as
a "gentlemen's flowers." It now appears that the teacher's words is also true and soon
the entire living room that people can smell the fragrance of orchids. I imagined love,
the more press the more intoxicated. Suddenly, I see there are several strains of
orchids a very small following of small sunflowers, they are so small, to appear in so
noble orchid of its luster, it's humble children, their nose at me.
 I put the orchids in my little room, the desk near the window, from my little room
has been a pleasant fragrance. Every day, one time I was lying on the table in front of
orchids taking a closer look, touch the leaves, smell the flowers. I am careful to take
care of the orchid, watering, fertilizing, pruning ... ... can the "flowers Gentleman" is
not as good as on the 1st day, gradually withered. A pot that only the humble
sunflower Several Strains. I was very sad, move pots from Bianba open space behind
the house, never go to hell.
 over a period of time, I leaf through the collection of plants there, accidentally
discovered the previous orchid pot into a "blossom." I came closer, ah! Originally
sunflowers, a sunflower I look down, I could not believe my eyes. Blossoms, plenty
of money, red, yellow, pink, and the petite and tender green leaves set off the flowers,
really graceful.
 "No living man, how rainbow?" Little Sunflower to his stubborn determination, has
withstood the test of wind and rain, bursts out into the charming glory. I really want to
say: "Sunflower, you are the 'flowers gentleman'."
 Teacher: Wang Li to
 reviews: This article describes the specific, pregnant with meaning. Delicate orchids,
gerbera much, the authors love the orchids. With withered orchids, sunflowers are in
full bloom, so small the author has been a fundamental change in attitude, feeling
Sunflower vitality, that it is the "flower gentleman", and thus pointing to center!
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