Lightning Lightning Guangdong Province by fdjerue7eeu


									Lightning Lightning Guangdong Province,

 lightning Longgang


 lightning Longgang District, Guangdong Province, the first floor to the street
Primary Five (2) Class Zhong Wen Yue
 cloud as two seamless,

 streaks of lightning pierced the sky.

 sharp and tortuous to bifurcation,

 sandwiched boundless expanse of electricity.

 raid on the earth,

 to make the body shake.

 white light that split up,

 inch of another inch of body skin.

 feeling of electricity paralysis of the earth,

 face of this devastating lightning,

 land of thought that doing cosmetic.
 Instructor: Peng Zhongcheng

 Submission :2005-7-1310: 20:32
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