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									Leaf spring leaf Capriccio

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 leaf Capriccio

 leaf Capriccio Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Ke City Jiuhua Heung Central
Primary School 55 (1) Class Mei-Fang Wang
 spring is your childhood. Flourishing in the spring, you quietly out of the deep
verdant smile, each branch has a thin figure you, though you are so insignificant, but
also to the beauty of nature in the spring of glory.

 You grew up, green, summer, you become, the body was robust, as one put
superiority, block the sun, blocking wind and rain. While you are silent, not as
beautiful flowers, like pine and cypress, as Aoxue, but people will never forget you.

 fall is your old age. Look, you have become yellow pine, micro wind would blow,
you floated down. People have collected, processed, they become a crop fertilizer,
you did not forget to contribute to death, your life is short, but it is brilliant.

 yes ah! In our lives, there are thousands and thousands like you, unknown to the
motherland and the people to sacrifice everything for others. See, the street wearing
red armbands that arm grandfather, grandmother, who has been the contribution of the
community for several decades, retired, still playing their own heat; see, our teachers
are preparing lessons in the lamp, and for students They worked tirelessly, they never
know what is "enjoying life", just know that for future generations "benefit."

 Your spirit makes me deeply feel that life, not always thinking about themselves, to
think more for others. If everyone is thinking about themselves, then how will the
development of the world, how human progress?

 Supervisor: Jiang Jianfang

 Submission :2004-6-79: 40:15
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