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  lotus Know Heyuan City, Guangdong Province City on a six-city primary source (4)
Class Chen Xiaojin
  lotus, Dicotyledon, water lily plants, perennial aquatic herb that grows in lake,
known as the "Water Queen", which is kind of stretch , elegant. Especially in the
summer, the lotus is passionate. When you walk in the lotus pond, it is very natural to
think of Yang Wanli that "take days lotus infinite Bi, Lotus flowers in red," the poem.
Yi then recited, "Reminiscence" in the "出淤泥而不染, Zhuo Qing Lian without
demon" turned Phrases, feel more relaxed and happy the.
  lotus variety of colors, white like snow, pink like Xia ... ... that rippling blue waves
of the water gracefully, lotus, emitting bursts of fragrance and pleasant the heart. The
shape of lotus various shapes, some like a slim girl looks into the distance; or like a
child is seriously thinking about something ... ... like the petals of carved jade, curl
standing in blue water, the slim and proud.
  trust that the lotus leaves floating on the water, lush green, then rolling in the dew on
lotus leaves, like a jade plate of pearls, bright and clean soft and smooth. Round, from
a distance like a large green disc. Lotus is a very good packaging too!
  lotus Here are a green stem, in foreign direct links have been inserted into
underwater mud, the thick roots to grow steadily for a delicious lotus root. It is rich in
carbohydrates, various vitamins and mineral salt, high nutritional value, is a good
aquatic vegetable; processed into arrowroot flour, preserves and so on, both nutrition
and also easy to digest, is the women and children and aged good tonic.
  bloom then asked out of a nutrient-rich lotus seeds, lotus seeds can be eaten raw
fresh, but also do soups, sweets or preserves; dried lotus seeds, 62% carbohydrates,
protein content as high as 16.5%, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B1, B2 and
carotene content is also abundant.
  lotus body is a treasure, both ornamental value but also economic benefits. Ancient
lotus flower is a precious garden, modern garden layout, it is widely chosen as the
theme of water garden plants. Whether green water, or gardens, can produce a strong
landscape effects, the lotus also purify water, reduce pollution, improve the
environment role.
  since ancient times, the lotus is deeply loved one of the traditional famous flowers.
Jiangnan old customs to the Chinese on June 24 birthday as a lotus, lotus plant sites
that people go hand in hand to the concept of charge. Jinan City, Shandong, Henan
Xuchang City, Guangdong Zhaoqing City selected as the lotus flower. Lotus root into
the mud, however, it is so pure and flawless, to give people a sense of pure elegance
and is used to praise the noble human qualities.
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