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									Kart Kart track open for the first time

 for the first time go-kart track cousin

 for the first time in karting

  for the first time Open Kart
  Shantou City Chenghai District Central Elementary School 504 Bor-Rong Huang
  Every time I see on TV world-famous Michael Schumacher drove his F1 car on the
track speeding , there will always imagined that one day could be like him, driving a
car driving fast on the runway. One day in the winter vacation, my parents took me
and cousin to Huiru Gong Park play, I finally realized my dream.

 I entered, I found from around here have a schematic Kart games. I am excited romp,
pulled quickly to go see his cousin. We saw nearly yard playground after school so
much, winding track that surrounded the tire, even if the car hit the go, sitting in the
car can be safe and sound.

 cousin and I rushed to sit down at the Kart. Drive, and I sat on board and excited and
nervous, the administrator turn on the switch, I slam the throttle, running around in
circles to manipulate the steering wheel, the car careened like a Mercedes with the
runway. Open for a while, I feel that karting is a simple matter originally, so I
increased the throttle, the faster the car the more open, in a sharp turn when the car hit
a tire. Fortunately, the scare. I got out and went after the vehicle is holding handrails,
resorted to sucking effort next pull, but the car did not move. Cousin saw it, and
quickly ran to help me one driving the car back to the runway. I breathed a ride,
saying that "eating a cutting experience", this time I will not try to be brave, carefully
drove the car. Car driving ahead smoothly, no more accidents.

 for the first time in karting, while I appreciate the maneuvering speed, let me
exercise the courage to really serve the dual purposes.

 Tutor: Chen Zefeng
 Comment: rich childlike, can learn to open their first go-kart's been depicted as
readers like on the ground, indeed Yes!

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