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									Baked potato potato Jiangyin

 potato Jiangyin came clawed

 baked potato,

 baked potato, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, Zhouzhuang, Jiangyin City
Experimental Primary School 6 (4) Class CAO
 hot summer has gone, golden autumn came, and many fruits are ripe! My family
kind of potato is also done.

 Sunday, I idle at home nothing to do, call my friends to go with baked potato pottery
eat. Went ahead, we simply look off to prepare. We came to potato ground, I quietly
clawed potato vines to find "treasures." Huh? How can not find it, oh, the original
potato is in the earth beneath, I understood why This. I took the root of small wooden
East knocked West playing, this move does so, once found, so I carefully clawed
through mud, "Ha! A potato so big ah!" I cried excitedly. I quickly dug it out, held in
the hand, took a bowling like as of joy, heart, extremely excited, I do not know what
to describe my happy awkward.

 closer look only potato really like an old man, ah, it's got a stripe contact is not as
deep old wrinkles Why? Myriad roots that are not as old long beard it? Like really
imagined. I began to dig up, I came across a something hard, dug out a look, "Oh,
how sweet potato into a stone Rights, This is really strange things."

  good work we have points, pottery to wood, I was responsible for baking. Finished,
are not seen to affect the Tao. I squat body, took wood from the side, slowly into the
last, the flames kept licking sweet potato, potato want black, while their left, while to
the right, while straight, curved Shally, Like many of the red tape, and constantly
attacked the potato, and numerous articles flame, happy dancing. I felt by the fire and
light were chattering, and I again and again to wipe the sweat from his head, only to
feel so hot, I like to be is done like the vest has been soaked up, like a freshly washed
hair , beads of sweat falling drop by drop. Tao are holding a large bundle of sticks
came and asked: "potato burn like?" I casually said loudly: "almost." Wood to me he
fling, they sat down to rest. He suddenly said to me: "You did forget one thing."
"What is the matter." I look at them: "Oh!" I touched his head, called aloud. Original
gray too many flames almost bumped potato roots, and all my fault only with burning.
Tao is drink some water, smiled and said: "Look, you What is so careless." I quickly
got up, make a big fire burned, brushed aside the top of the brick stove, conveniently
took a tile thrown out of the ashes. Since I did not care to throw as a result, the wire
prostrate, and potato fell down, I quickly cast to take the good gray. Just touched the
wire, my hand like a sudden electric shock-like contraction of the back, constantly
rubbing his hands, "hey, I have trouble with this careless how to get rid of it?" I wire
so cool, and re-established at the past.

 potato while they smoke, I saw, potato side have been dark. I quickly chose a side
grill ... ...

  Tao are really OK ah, this moment of time, he not only got a lot of hay and brought
to the setting up the stove. I went to him holding potato. We are both straight and to
the potato on the wire, the "bad, potato too heavy, the wire is bent." I could not help
said. Fortunately, a number of pottery are multi-band wire, only not been crushed.
Now everything is ready, only to wind up. My ignited hay, just go into the fire quickly
and extinguished, I rushed bow of a blow, fire up another Wang. Tao is a sudden laugh,
I somehow asked: "What are you laughing?" "You become friends Bao Zheng," Tao
said. We both laughed together his back.

 after ten minutes, the potato flesh. We ate the sweet potato, side of the foot on the
way home.

 Teacher: Xuxiu Qin Zhu Zheng-Yu

 Supervisor: Zhu Zheng-Yu

 Received :2003-12 -1615:58:03
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