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Interesting special parrot parrot


									Particularly interesting parrot parrot

 funny parrot particularly clever

  funny parrot
  Xiaolin Town, Cixi City, Central Primary School, five (5) my family went to class
Cen Jianan trip to "eco-farm", where in particular the United States, there are many
animals, one of the most interesting is that a parrot.
  parrot particularly smart, we entered the zoo. Mom told me to put a dollar in your
hand and see what happens next? At this time, saw the parrot, "burst forth flutter" to
stop flying over my shoulder. "Why? Mom, how can stop parrot on my shoulder it?"
"You so will, take a closer look." Parrot then jump to my hand, said that when the
whirlwind, it suddenly Diao coins that I say it, and then "throws the flutter" to fly
away. "Lolo Ge ... ..." I laughed. Parrot so smart, I can guess, would leave a dollar that
is really too smart it! I took a corner, and a white paper, can parrot recognize
something, do not Diao. Mom said: "This parrot can be smart, you are so it will not
Diao, and it is the uncle of the trained administrators." "Really smart ah!" I can not
help but once again praise Road.
  is a breeder, but the most intelligent! Training because they can put a bird so clever,
is really too simple a! Teacher: Ping Menglan

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