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Impressions of Dongguan_ Dongguan Science and Technology Museum visit to


									Impressions of Dongguan, Dongguan Science and Technology Museum visit to

 visit to Dongguan Science and Technology Museum to

 visit to Dongguan Science and Technology Museum felt

  visit to the Museum of Science and Technology, Dongguan
  sense of Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, the third primary Tangxia V (1) Class
Cui-Juan Zhang
  Friday morning, so the air fresh, the sky is particularly clear, organize our 45 year
school students to Dongguan Exhibition Center study tour.
  we have, with immense excitement, came to Dongguan Exhibition Center. It is a
magnificent, exquisite design, layout, magnificent modern architecture. Aunt venues
brief introduction to what we Pavilion, I could not wait to think of which visited,
thinking there must be some magic but a lot of unknown things.
  we come to the third floor, where placed numerous antiques, watching these bizarre
things, although I am not very appreciate, I think this is probably long before we
Dongguan culture! It is a symbol of the wisdom of our ancestors ah! I can not help
people give birth to a kind of ancient Dongguan admiration. They did not have any
advanced tools, able to bring up something so beautiful, had Jiao Ren amazing!
  unconsciously, we came to the second floor, New Town, Dongguan manufacturing
industry in the face of present moment my eyes, see I am a bit blurred the disorder.
Those models have small, but clearly visible. You see, wide beautiful Songshan Lake
Boulevard, bright as a tape of the East River, all the famous high rise hotel, countless
high-rise buildings scattered and orderly, with golden light, as if to see the Lights of
the next and peaceful happiness of the people living in Dongguan. At the foot of a
unique glass map, with dots of light, I pointed out to the towns of Dongguan location.
I was carefully looking for the location of Tangxia, just below the map in Dongguan,
and Shenzhen is so close to the original ah! On the second floor there is a wide range
of industrial exhibits, fashionable computer exhibits, electronic products and many
household appliances, some do not even know What is the name of the product ... ...
to see these things are endless, count them, This really deserves a manufacturing city
of Dongguan, ah! I live in Dongguan and for their incredible pride!
  followed by the first floor exhibition hall, where Wei Miao Wei Qiao of the wax, you
watch the life-like weavers, lush banyan tree, the bustling market, as if to make us
back to the past life, which Grandpa said it is not the kind of life? Cock frogs, men
plow and women weave. From the world-famous Opium War, the Sino-Japanese War
to the phone-rolling, to reform and opening up. In cooperation with sound and lights,
so we seem like yesterday. Here, the past history we will never forget!
  reading Dongguan Exhibition Center, Dongguan, so I know the history of the
development, but also know the historical sites in Dongguan, Dongguan, also learned
that the specialty and a number of customs and really gain a lot ah!
  is a manufacturing city, Dongguan worthy ah! Dongguan really beautiful!
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