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									My ideal vision of life, if

 ideals in the future if

 vision of my life

 vision of my life
 Shenzhen, Guangdong Province Ping to the street, Longgang District, the first
primary 5 (2) Ban Yang Qilin

 living life, how to you? Understand the meaning of life is undoubtedly apply
extraordinary person. The definition of life each person is different. Some people
pursue money, and some people to pursue fame and wealth, some people are seeking
contributions to ... ...

 small child, yet I think the meaning of life, as long as the daily fun, delicious am
happy. With age, had already become in the pursuit of "past." I'm going to primary
school, and will go to the high school, college. With sweat and write their own
magnificent life; with efforts to reward teachers inculcate; used successfully to repay
their parents beginning of the restoration ... ...

 If I was a rich and powerful in the future, I will put all of the assets Donation to
China's welfare, so that everyone happy.

 if in the future I am a working class, I put my hands for the "four modernizations" to
create wealth for the company to seek development.

 I am a soldier, if in the future, I will use my life to defend national sovereignty,
contribute to the cause of peace.

 If I was a basketball star in the future, I will use the power of the body in the game
hard, to the audience to enjoy exciting visual ... ...

  short, I will bring insights on the meaning of life, so that capital life shine brightest

 Instructor: Peng Zhongcheng

 Submission :2005-7-1216: 43:59
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