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									I would like to say their parents mom and dad

 moms and dads to know 一颗

 father and mother said I want to
 I would like to Mom and Dad said
 County School Street, fifth grade four classes of Lin Zeyang

  Dear Mom and Dad:
  You are good! Recently the body right? Work is successful? I was, your son Linze
Yang. You are receiving this letter must be very surprised, my and you have to live
with, I did not have a direct conversation with you, because I've wanted to say some
words but do not know how to open. So I intend to replace the form of
  I have the eyes of your baby, is a small antiques, is a sweet candy, you are right I can
really "afraid and fell on his head, with fear in the mouth of the" Am I destined to do
one only bloom in the hothouse flowers? You ever know how much I want to take off
gorgeous coat, put on a strong heart, and long grass in the field companion ah! Did
you ever know how much I would like to develop an independent mind, he was
among the vast freedom in my growth and a strong wind for my fuel, I applaud these
storms, the sun of my smile, I sigh for the stream. We are proud of the twenty- first
century, the new darling of the times, if not let me do some things independently, then
I will not even take care of themselves bad, but also how construction of the
motherland? If even I could not even take care of themselves bad, but also how to
take care of my children? Mom and Dad, you were let go, let myself go to the
independent practice of a number of it!
  Mom, I know, you have a bad temper, often angry, my father and always face your
storms, repeatedly put up with, who are angry, always could not help myself , on the
other, the object made an angry, it is normal, but you? Always the same as me as a
little puppet, angry reproved, pleased when the pro, I am not a tame pig, and you will
talk back, then is a fierce fighting, then The results are often a lose- lose, in this, and I
tell you loudly: "Mama, I'm sorry, I do not naive, and you talk back, argue, please
forgive me."
  father, on account of this, you are heads of households, family life, you are dominant,
this property, you are the owner, you are a good father, then a cigarette, a bottle of
bottle of wine, has become an indispensable part of your life, I and the mother so
hated cigarettes and alcohol, especially her mother, a see you drunk, hit a gas not to,
when I came to your house to play the computer, will be surrounded by thick with
tobacco smoke , took away my breath. And you? Or sitting at a computer desk, with
gusto, playing computer, because this computer, so we at home almost daily fighting
talk, computer games really so attractive? Therefore, I posted in front of a note that
read, "If Mr. Lin Wei, including 'bloody', please do nose protective measures." But
this piece of paper of no use, Dad, you like your the heads of "smoke- filled" "smoke
curl" it? Although, I know, smoking is not good ring, but Yang Yang still ask you, quit
it! Father, smoking harmful to health, please for your health, quit smoking now! Dad.
  father and mother, the hour is late, I have to sleep, and hope you see my letter in the
following, also see my heart.

  I wish good health and good luck!
  love, your son Lin Zeyang
  2006 年 5 月 20 日
  Teacher: Qiaoling
  Comment: Realistic little of the language. Voiced the aspirations of contemporary
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