I saw the flag-raising ceremony in Tiananmen Square to see Tiananmen Square by fdjerue7eeu


									I saw the flag-raising ceremony in Tiananmen Square to see Tiananmen Square,

 flag-raising ceremony in Tiananmen Square to see the school

 flag-raising ceremony in Tiananmen Square, I saw
 I saw flag-raising ceremony in Tiananmen Square
 drizzle Huashe Zhang Dong sixth grade for the event

  director from me that day, I want to go to the motherland, the capital of Beijing to
see Tiananmen Square; when I primary school, the school took part in the flag-raising
ceremony, I had to go to Beijing to see for myself the solemn flag-raising ceremony
that strong desire. This year's 51, my desire in the two.
  day with my mom and dad flew to the capital Beijing. Then, the night was almost
dark. We go by car from the airport to the relatives and saw the road vehicles such as
weaving brightly radiance; road on both sides of the store, the neon lights flashing,
colorful flags fluttering, a good festive mood! What a beautiful Beijing Ah!
  That night, my heart no matter how calm down. Lying in bed, anxiously days earlier
light. Finally got to sleep can be a beautiful dream has brought me to the Tiananmen
Square: I squeezed the ceremony in the tourists come to watch, is co-national anthem
was played rhythm and sang the national anthem: up! People do not want to be slaves
to our flesh and blood become our new Great Wall ... ... "What are you singing?" Next
to my mother awakened me.
  next morning, I followed my parents went to Tiananmen Square. Wow! I have come
earlier than many people are really ah! The elderly, have children, there is youth, there
are many foreign dignitaries ... ... outside the square, Chang'an Avenue on both sides,
reviewing stand, and stood over the crowd, who came to watch the ceremony.
  flag-raising ceremony began. 36 mighty warriors escort the flag, the guardian of the
majesty of the flag into Tiananmen Square. Armed military band played the majestic
"Anthem," flag rising with the music. In addition to the square sound of a marching
band has been heard in the noisy sea of sound, they were talking to a look-line
ceremony, visited the national flag with slowly rising, flowing from my heart a strong
heat flow:% D % A 57 years ago, the first five-star red flag raised here, she
symbolizes the birth of new China, marking the Chinese people have stood up;
  Olympic Games, it played the national anthem again and raised the flag, time and
again demonstrated the Chinese people no longer "sick man of Asia", China's sports
teams is no longer a "duck team," China is strong, the Chinese people is invincible.
  I looked again I raise that flag in the sun for mapping, especially the brightly colored.
Exceptionally beautiful!

 Teacher: Hu Kangquan

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