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									I love love family home may Beak primary

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 I can love home BAK

 I Love home can Beek
 Shaoxing County, Zhejiang Province, Zhang drizzle Huashe sixth grade Yang
 in his home in Hebei, I really like to Beak.

  winter holiday, my dad came to the south of Shaoxing. And gave me arrange a
primary school in Shaoxing. Not long away from home can be home to BAK is still
obsessed. To BAK is a very delicious food. It consists of pepper, flour, peanuts, corn
and other grains by the deep-fried. Its taste aroma crisp, sour, sweet, hemp, spicy, salty,
flavors, taste and eat fragrant crisp. Is our children's favorite snacks.

 I remember one time at home. Aunt to go home to see Grandpa, Grandma, buy a lot
of good food, there are seeds, soybeans, peanuts, etc., of course, may BAK, me and
my two brothers, a sister, desperate to grab up, but they sharp-eyed grassland, first to
grab his shirt BAK. I watched her brother and sister to eat mouth watering. BAK is
not only the children can snack, it is a good food on the table. Sauce can burn BAK,
zoning of thicken, put some Lvyin Yin of parsley, is a color, the smell and taste of
dishes. I can eat a big plate of breath too!

 to Shaoxing, these days, I can eat almost every day BAK, like the big bad wolf eat
meat, like lamb. But ah vain eat every day! Mix dead me! To the afternoon of the first
day of Shaoxing, my father brought to supermarkets and food stores, do not change
for a long time I'm so hungry to find the Beak. Although there are many specialty here,
but I still love home to Beak.
 Instructor: Hu Kangquan

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