I attended a speech contest contest

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					I participated in speech contests compete

 contest to participate in speech contests

 I attended a speech contest
 I attended a speech contest
 Ipoh, Perak Wanhua Yi-Hang Mak one school 5M

 last Friday, our school held its annual Speech Contest. Many people took part in the
race, I was no exception. Since I do well prepared, so confident about this game.
 day, we line up into the hall, found the podium filled with trophies and gifts.
Participants quiet sitting in accordance with their own numbers participating gallery.
 few minutes later the game officially began. MC contestants one by one down the
number to call office. Each participant in confidence saw the best side of the stage
show in front of everyone. Ah! Finally my turn! I gingerly onto the stage. Looking at
the audience, saw to the dense mass of heads, and feeling scared ah! I order to calm
himself, he took a deep breath. After that I will be gushing speech word for word to
back out. Speech, before I forget the teacher guided the movements and gestures to
show up one by one.
 five minutes later, I would put my speech had finished. At this time, the audience
cheered, and I excited. About half an hour later, the race has entered an end. Master of
ceremonies announced the start list of the winners. All participants are tense. MC
clear presentation president took office, they announced the winners name. Results
announced, and when I learned that when I was champion, stunned the spot! I
excitedly took the stage receives the trophy from the hands of principals. Competition
has finally ended.
 in this game, let me get the trophy, let me taste, "a hard, a harvest," the truth.

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