; I am very happy happy Pizza Hut
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I am very happy happy Pizza Hut


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									Pizza Hut I am happy happy

 soon happy today Pizza Hut

 I'm happy
 I'm happy
 Primary 5, Huazhong Agricultural University (1) Deng Sishun

  "are you happy? I am very happy! happy things so easily in fact ... ..." Are you happy?
I am very happy today, it is because I went to a "Pizza Hut."
  This morning, I attended the Youth Science and Technology Invention Contest
Wuhan defense, experts believe that my research is very interesting, reply the process,
I am not a big high school than those who were less brothers and sisters. After so tired
I feel dizzy brain switch. I reward my father on the proposal, said: "We went to dinner,
'Pizza Hut'" pizza. I am happy to jump three feet of a high tension strength just to
answer all gone.
  to "Pizza Hut", of course, today, I decide. First, I ordered a 13-inch pizza, Chicago
center, but also ordered a plate of grilled shrimp, 2 chicken wings, a plate of Italian
cold noodles. Dad has long coveted the Sarah look at other people eat, then a bowl of
salad. Mom ordered coffee and black tea, Japanese noodles.
  moment later, the waiter began serving up. First of all, brought a salad bowl, I
brought a salad bowl, salad came skipping optional area. Entered the choice area,
wow thiazolyl! Many varieties ah! Which do I choose? Really makes me confused, I
looked and read, saliva to flow out, there are small pineapple, apple small, small
mango, cucumber small, small bread ... .... I can not wait to spoon arrested, the same
challenge that, soon, a bowl filled up, but I have several no folder, bowl of why so
small? I could not help taking a hand from the bowl on the mouth, is very beautiful!
  eating pizza, I do not care to get rid of pizza on a diced meat, and I see my father ate
with relish salad, diced on the father's coffee cup will bomb out, true quasi- , just fell
into the coffee. Dad was still savoring the pasta. I took a piece of meat, with a clip of
a fight, even hitting the mother of black tea, the tea spilled her mother's face, my
mother actually said: that brought the water? I smiled secretly. What a fun ah!
  meal, my mother took me to the Xinhua Bookstore, buy books to satisfy my desire.
A go, my mother can not find me, because I had on the second floor children's area,
books dazzling, really do not know which books to buy, can not let her mother go to
bookstores to buy back! 're Wondering, my mother up, you choose reading! I have no
time, you gave me to go by, I picked up the old man could no longer hear what the
mother said. She was about to night, and mother said: children, time again, to go
home today, I met agreed. It can be really happy!

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