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I am an apple an apple


									I am a Apple Apple 一只

 mother an apple they

 I'm an apple
 I'm an apple
 Cixi, Zhejiang Province Xiaolin Town City Central Elementary School 5 (7) Cen I

  I'm a little green apple, among the brothers and sisters, I have considered runs away
with the. My mother is a very tall tree. Every day, my drinking companions with
sweet morning dew, bathed in warm sunshine at noon, and enjoyed the beautiful
evening sunset.
  I'm a green apple, can many of my brothers and sisters are bright red apple. Them to
air Yeah, wearing bright red coat, and still alluring aroma mellow child. Raise them in
the mother's arm, constantly attracted the eyes of passers-by love. I wish I could like
them, it nice to wow! Almost every day I asked my mother: "Mom, Mom, when can I
grow it? When brother and sister to wear a red coat like this?" Mom always caressing
me smile, said: "You, Or, so please be patient! "
  day day by day in the past, I have gradually grown up. I remember once, when a
person is sitting in our break following a naughty brother and jumped down, fell
impartial man's head. Mom spoke up: "My child, so you do not care how you?
Crushing the can in case the people how to do?" "Is that, too impolite!" "If offended
people how to do ... ..." We are in animated conversation to talk with all the brother's
bold and anxious. Did not think the result is contrary to our expectation: this man is
actually the famous physicist Isaac Newton, from his brother's floor inspired by a
careful study found that there was the law of gravity! This way, the brother back into
our family of star apple it!
  Now, I also have a beautiful and noble is the red apples. But I never proud, because I
fully understand: the appearance of the United States is temporary, the beauty of mind
is the most important. To make people's lives better, I am willing to give their all!
  Teacher: Yuqing Qing

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