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					Whom I respect, admire Helen Keller perseverance

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 My admiration for Helen Keller

  My admiration Hailun Kai Le
  Ping, Longgang District, Guangdong Province, the first primary school to sixth street
(2) classes He Ruobin
  blind and deaf schools in U.S. female scholar named Helen Keller. She was blind,
also lost hearing, but she was still able to super stamina, learn to speak, learned five
languages and text, as made many great contributions to mankind, deeply loved and
praised by all peoples, all over her well-known book, "Three Days to See if the"
always floating between people, widely spread.
  a blind and deaf people, why can obtain such a big success? If Helen Keller had
succumbed to the fate of misfortune, then she will become a poor and ignorant people,
what a waste of time. One will be the famous people is equivalent to a self-obsession,
and that is how cruel; a famous writer of the book will receive houses of the tear off,
what a waste. However, she did not bow to fate, with astonishing perseverance,
indomitable spirit has completed his own glory and fun of her life, to become a
knowledgeable, respected and valued people.
  this time, I deeply understand: Can a person get into training, not in terms of good
and bad, but because there is no fighting spirit. Weekdays, there is always someone to
the poor conditions more difficult as the ground can not be successfully achieved.
However, compared with the Helen Keller, how these conditions seem insignificant ah!
As long as one great mind, and for the aspirations, goals to make unremitting efforts
by the objective conditions for the binding, confidently to achieve success.
  I deeply feel 谢海伦凯勒 because it is her story affected me so that I get great
treasures in life - hard!

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