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I admire a person - my sister hard sister


									I admire a man - sister sister hard

 respected individual sister hard

 I admire a person - my sister

 I admire a person - sister
 Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province, Xianyang City, the children of the fifth grade
compression Airport Lvpan Xiang
 I admire a person, she is my sister. Whenever I school, she would climb on the desk
doing their homework, and I think she may be too much work, I do not have to disturb

  night after I finished work, went to bed. I lay in bed, heard the sound of my sister's
school. I do not think the teacher said to me, then, to hard-working, not afraid of
hardship, to study well. This is my heart has been thought, to be diligent. I go to
school wearing clothes. My math book out from the bag, finished practicing for four
issues. It is already 12:47, I would like to sleep a little while child, I went to sleep.

  My sister was studying at home, among the best, we all know the students home. To
the city to study, she felt she no other students learn well, so she not afraid of
hardships and rigorous practice, in order to learn more. She deserves my spirit to

 I admire my sister's in this spirit that I have been infected by this spirit.
 Instructor: Liang teacher

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