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									Huangshan sunrise sunrise clouds

 sea of clouds sun sunrise Huangshan

 Huangshan sunrise

 sunrise Huangshan Jiangmen, Guangdong, Fan Luo Gang six years of primary four
classes Su Xiaolin

 day of more than four in the morning we get up, braved the bitter cold, about 45
minutes to go mountain roads to the famous Huangshan Mountain, "Beginning to
Believe Peak" to see the sunrise .

 pale blue sky, the spots of white clouds, standing on the peak like standing on clouds.
Moment, the horizon again in the light, there has been a Hongxia, this vast expanse of
sky and the endless sea of clouds, the Rays completely together, can not distinguish
their boundaries are not clear about their profile, only to find a kind of soft and bright
beauty, Hongxia increasing scope, more red, more light, we estimate, and the sun
coming up, looking forward to it more.

 Sure enough, the horizon gradually revealed the arc of Phnom Penh, ah! It was a
small side face the sun, red is very red, but no trace of light. Then, the sun as the
clouds Quest, the load of the body rising.

 sea of clouds and the sun finally pop out, that fiery red ball, so that vast expanse of
the sky covered with bright golden light, the surrounding ice crystal embellishment
was sparkling spot, then a paved surface in the sea of clouds long and wide light Strip.

 ah! Very beautiful, spectacular great! One time I actually can not tell this amazing
scenery, is the ethereal fairyland fantasy or real world.

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