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					Annoying brother hated brother

 brother is really annoying that he did not

 nasty brother

 nasty brother
 Neimengguyi Datong County Experimental Primary School five-year intervals Liu
Kai month
 I have an annoying brother, his big one meter eighty zero. Big mouth, big nose, the
two rough eyebrows, it is also a pair of 200-degree myopia, How many pieces of his
face how not wash clean freckles, really ugly great.

 long he not only ugly, but it was still complain fine. Even if I had a little bit wrong,
he would shout at the to tell the mother. The mother is also very eccentric, never
investigated the facts, then indiscriminate white Cookin swear me out, my heart was
really very aggrieved. He also secretly be laughing next! I love how my sister does
not have such a brother?

 brother's house is always dirty and unbearable, and I helped him clean the house, he
not only did not appreciate, but also shouted at me to: "out." Although he said to me,
can I stop myself, every time there is a little small, had to ask his brother, he always
Xipixiaolian, not a positive answer me.

 You said that my brother is not annoying! May not know why, brother to my aunt
drop in for the few days, I think he very. Always felt that the room was empty. Home
appears to be a lot of people. This I knew, though he hated, but I can not do without

 ah, brother, nasty brother ah!
 Instructor: Zhang Sen
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