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									Happy Kangaroo Kangaroo hop battle

 quick Happy Kangaroo composition

 Kangaroo hop battle

 Kangaroo hop battle
 Fuzhou City Experimental Primary School in Yongtai County five (3) Lin
 "fuel, quick -"

 "good, quick, quick!"

 "Ha ... ... "

 hearing these voices, you must think this is a playground, right? NO, NO, NO, in our
"Happy writing remedial classes," where, it seems that "happiness" really is a true
battle! Let's check it out!

NO.1 kicked off

 golden teacher announced yesterday the activities today to write essays, carry out
some games or a game, I thought it was those sorts of silly "Drumming Biography
Flowers" class. However, the gold writing on the blackboard the teacher "kangaroo
jump" when the words, indeed I was surprised - to tell the truth, I had never heard of
this game is miles, really fresh! Are we, like jumping around like a kangaroo?
Haha ... ...

NO.2 first: group hegemony

  golden teacher of our two groups, first group leader is Zhang Anyun, is a general
track and field team also; the second team leader Zhang Hong, odd, odd, and this
scrawny, "The Choice between Love", afraid that they have a bad hind leg off of the
group, ye can control other people? I do? Then got his wish to become a referee, said
referees, is just shouting numerous "start" this issue, however, can escape the shame
of opportunities (in the game Nongbu Hao, often making a scene), is also good!

 The rules are simple, foot sacks, as jumping around like a kangaroo, who soon who
won. I order, match "grand" Start! Beginning with the first group forcing you to
Zhang Zhen really severe, often on the basketball court about the reason
Mercedes-Benz now! I saw he skillfully put on the sacks, forced Yi Deng feet,
suddenly jumped out of about one meter, feet a floor, then jump up in the second
period, looked very relaxed, almost finished the whole run erupted, it is wow! The
second group on the contrary, the former a few, really like a kangaroo, just relaxed, its
speed is not to be commended, it seems borderline has been set up. But the fact is
always a surprising child, the first set back was actually a few second and third year
of the "Little Kangaroo", while the second group emerged just behind the many
"heroes", "praising the" rise catching up, several fifth-grade students also run, but
second and third year of the little brother, little sister? All of a sudden comeback
seems that "the slow need to start early," "Home on the latecomers," These words are
quite true, the last to Hong Zhang perfect ending, victory. Hong Zhang is probably
well organized, it seems this guy can not be underestimated, indeed "craze, amazed,"

NO.3 second: Classic

 the end of the first one, the second Classic immediately started, I was surprised to be
selected on the elite, that is the game's elite, as it is "fool of the elite", read the
following game, you will understand.

 Kim, head of the teachers selected, Chengmin Hao and Wu Chen Yun, Chen Yun Wu
determined not "to" I, as I pass the edge of the sports have been wandering, and had
been Cheng Minhao the "accept."

 "preparation - Steady - jump," Liu Wei-dragging referee shouted long tone, Cheng
Minhao newly hatched "Ma", on account of the several centimeters of effortless
superiority. Hong Zhang a "start", the other side has gone wrong: Zhang Yi went to
great lengths to pull out his feet from the sacks, the only remaining pair of naked,
white and tender footed, and had his fall shoes, sacks, his teammates all of a sudden
panic, several people simultaneously battle, everybody lending a hand, many people
inevitably hand mixed, Zhang Yi is anxious, after a long time, only then that the
"baby" get shoes out.

  I looked at each other to take up the fighters and gloat a, Hong Zhang been
triumphant return, I am fairly agile, jumped into the sacks, grab the edge, a pull-up,
fast to set good See our long distance widened with each other, have great confidence
on the floor of the "battlefield." I left Yi Deng, step right foot was about to go,
suddenly thought feet were also set a sacks to be too late, just one foot landing on the
fall of an absolute "perfect" somersault, we hastened to drink " hooting, "I am mad! I
attend to pain, the fastest climb up and move on. Gradually, I touch a few doorways,
jump, two feet to the average hard, landing, landing feet together, jump process, and
feet together as far as possible. This will not only not easily fall, and the speed will

 final, to win our group ended a self-evident nature of its excitement.

NO.4 third: second-year post-event

 view of the more funny the second grade students, in order to meet the people, gold
teacher suddenly decided: the second year devoted to the game , another good play

 Heading of Dr Chan, "false starts", like petty advantages, beginning breach of the
rules, did not run through the line on the back and, unfortunately for "fair
competition" principle, had to start again. Second, Jiaqi not jump a few steps,
"unlucky star" have come back, drop me a similar fate - wrestling, but also a burst of
laughter! Despite the efforts to restore, but eventually suffered a crushing defeat.

 race gradually pull down the curtain, but my heart is still very excited.

 Supervisor: Kim

 Submission :2004-7-1516: 39:40
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