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 happy holiday
 students, I believe we have a happy holiday, of course, I do not exception, my most
pleasant holiday is swimming!
 "swimming" is the word I believe we are not familiar with it. This is my favorite, but
ah, when I had time to go swimming will be clamoring for my father.
 I remember the last time we ate dinner at the family went swimming. I hobbled
down to was very happy! Went downstairs and then listen to his uncle that just opened
a new swimming pool downstairs, quite good, so even more excited!
 to I quickly changed after swimming swimsuit Well, can not wait to burst into the
water, using my good effort, in the water travel. We all came to me to vote approval of
the eye, and my father repeatedly praised my skills getting better and better!
 ... ...
 after more practice I will fight for a better level, so that more people see my work!
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