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									Happy birthday aunt birthday

 happy birthday birthday aunt

 happy birthday

  happy birthday
  Xingtai City, Hebei Province, Guo Shou primary 5 (2) classes Wu Zeyu
're almost my birthday, and father on a business trip, my mother the next site, and I
was worried about who to my birthday, I heard the grandmother and aunt in the
discussion, said: "We to Wu Zeyu birthday to Kentucky to his birthday it. "I am an
extremely happy.

 day has finally come to my birthday, and I and Grandma, Grandpa would first go
home to find his brother aunt and brother, and then went to KFC. When the waiter
know that it is my birthday, they gave us to find a birthday special seat so that we sit
still in the wall there is a card wrote: "Kiki Wu Zeyu children wish Happy Birthday."
View that goes on the card, really touched my heart for a long time. Look at the
people around, if everybody in a envious eyes at me, then just do not mention how
happy my heart. I heard the waiter said: "remove the food money plus a 15 yuan, you
can put the birthday song, but also get a lot of birthday present." Grandfather heard,
not hesitate to pay 15 yuan, I would like to gift bags, because my brother is a
companion, he also received gifts, gifts in advance sub-good. We had finished our
meal on the way home, my aunt gave me a hundred dollars, my brother sent me an
e-pet and a toy gun. Home after a man brought a big cake, I asked who to send, and
one that I Eryi set, and soon, my grandma, grandpa Maozhao Yu gave me a big cake
sent and brought I have four aunt gift - Pig piggy bank has sent. A few days later, my
father returned, Dad bought me a comic book and an English dictionary, my mother
sent me the site of a trustee for many years I wanted - a dog.

 Well, so much that you want to know what I am a heart? So many people care for me,
care about me, I really feel very happy and happy, but I think we owe too much, I will
have to redouble our efforts to learn, to repay the outstanding achievements of these
concern me, love me.

 Instructor: Zhang Di

 Submission :2004-9-410: 28:29
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