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					Green green green soul

 Jinan green countryside that

 green spirit

  green spirit Jinan, Shandong Province, Jinan Victory Avenue Primary School
sixth-grade classes offering Jiang Simeng
  spring breeze blowing every time, from the window looked everywhere lush, green
leaves are a vibrant and like a wizard, round and round bunches, swaying, whirling
dance. Looking at the color green, my mind but always emerge with a kind old
face ... ...

  few years ago it was spring, early in the morning to visit my country cousin.
Beautiful countryside scenery. I walk in the country road to enjoy the scenery along.
Knew almost noon, I feel exhausted, thirsty. Clever enough, a green forest located
next to a tea stalls, I eye-catching and immediately ran past. "Girl, thirsty, right?" I
looked up, a very simple dress, wrinkled old lady kindly asked me. I gasped nodded,
then added: "What kind of tea here?" Her mother smiled, like a blooming
chrysanthemums, said: "country than the city can not you, will point the only green
tea." I am eagerly said: "it like a cup of green tea it." I actually do not Aihe Cha, feel a
little bitter. I walked all the way, also had to have tea. Here is a very simple to use
bamboo take up a small tea stalls, only set off with green extraordinarily poetic, vines
climb down the bamboo, and tender green leaves shining through the trees seam, that
little bit of sunshine Bibo piece of the white sail like a play ... .... "Tea Hao Li." Plain
words that interrupted my thoughts. Desk just brew a good cup of tea, smoking hot,
sip, hard, and mixed with a hint of incense, I am thirsty, and breath they drank tea. I
casually asked: "How much?" The old lady smiled kindly: "Two of Mao." "So
cheap?" I am surprised that they immediately paid the money. Mother took me to the
intersection, said: "The country slippery, be careful." Obedient I nodded, then left the
quiet green of the woods.

  walk about 200 meters, and heard behind him the sound vague. I turned around, saw
her mother started crying trick: "Young lady, you forgot your money in the
house ... ..." I unconsciously touched pocket, yeah, installed in the pocket 50 dollars
gone! At this point, her mother has effortlessly catch with him, unsteadily to her body,
tired out of breath, a wisp gray hair hanging down, "small, little girl, you is not lost 50
dollars?" I immediately nod, the old lady put the money handed over. Deflated
deflated from her wrinkled hands took the money the moment, my heart moved a
while, thanks to a thousand words only of order two words: "Thank you!" Her mother,
embarrassed, laughed and said: "It is What can Xie Yeah, go away, I have to go take
care of tea stalls. "finish, her mother turned and walked slowly. For a time, shiny
things in my eyes flashing. I looked at the distant green leaves that belong to the
world, I have seen clearly is the soul of green ah ... ... Suddenly, a light breeze
blowing blowing, drawing down that eternal green ... ...

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