; Greedy Cat Greedy rats
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Greedy Cat Greedy rats


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									Greedy greedy cat mouse

  greedy mouse a large cat
  greedy cat
  in a big warehouse with a force - mice Corps. Large warehouse full of delicious
leftover: sausage, pork floss, Hamburg. Number of people drooling. This mouse
Corps do whatever they like in a warehouse.
  host from the outside one day bought a large cat came back. Guard saw it, and
immediately notify the Headquarters with a walkie-talkie: "Report of the
headquarters!" The mouse is clearly very anxious guards. "There is a big cat into our"
territory ", seems to be ran us, and whether to drive away?" Commander in chief
listened, very frightened to go before the video monitor. On the big screen,
commander in chief to see at the large cat. He looked surprised, and immediately told
the transport squadron with walkie-talkies, withdrawn rats nest. 5 minutes later, all
mice withdraw a mouse nest. They are very surprised: why do we call back it?
Commander came on the mice, said: "Our site has a large cat came in, it might attack
us, we already have a squadron to be eaten, we have to stop moving up."
  point a mouse suddenly said: "Big cats like fish, we gave him some fish it!" "Good!"
commander nodded. In addition to warehouse a squadron quietly go fishing. 2 hours,
they returned, bringing 15 fish, including 14 under the poison.
  to give the cat, he is very happy to eat the piece does not poison the fish, I feel all
right, took another few eat. 1 hour later, the cat died, rats were loudly shouted: "free,
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