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Grandpa felling felling


									Grandpa felling tree felling

 grandfather himself felling trees

 tree felling

 tree felling Tongxiang Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province, plant materials Primary 5 (2)
Chen Cheng
 today, Grandpa take her home to do cut the big tree in front of furniture. Had also
not cut it, because the roots of this tree has been ground into the cement over the front
top of it, become bumpy, even brought the room inside the top floor also have cracked
a few crack. Angry dad, grandpa had to agree to cut down this tree, trees, furniture.

 tree felling on this day, just on Sundays. I see they have to tear down trees, said: "Let
me tear down trees to try!" Grandpa said: "No, you are too small, or I Laikan safer."
Could not stand my bubble again grinding, Grandpa finally agreed to let me felling a.
He said: "You can tear down trees, just pay attention to safety." I said: "I know, and
guaranteed not to crash it!" Grandpa, look at me on the side of the tree felling.

  I brought the ax, and awarded the lower part of the cut tree. However, an ax down,
trees do not do is to use dynamic, not be cut a little bark and even lines are not seen.
The second time, I cut with full strength, or a sample, but dropped the one leaf.
Grandpa saw said to me: "I see you tear down trees is not enough, or I Laikan it!" I
said: "No, today I come to the non-tree cut down and can not be!" Grandpa, there is
no way , just let me continue to hack at the same time said to me: "hands force,
spotted a place, keep a continuous cut, axes to move to the head, and then, suddenly
cut down firmly." I said: "The original is In this way, why do not you tell me earlier
this felling way. "grandfather said:" I want you to learn in the tree felling accumulated
knowledge and experience. do not expect you not smart enough. "I said:" No I am not
smart, My grandfather taught me to look at but is not sincere. Ha ha! "Grandpa said:"
You are a little slippery. "

  This time, I bent down, holding an ax, cut down firmly. Ah, great! Ax to cut down a
tree joint. I continue to hack, crack more and more. Later, the grandfather said: "You
have to juke cut a circle and then cut a few more in the side." "Good!" My grandfather
said, according to cut. Finally, the grandfather said: "Almost. Now we cut a few more
push this under the tree opposite." I pushed the tree with Grandpa. "Bang" sound, a
tree fell down.

 moment, and my father just walked home. After he saw the happy, said: "My
family's small achievements is really incredible, better than I! Such a small age
actually be able to have such a tree cut down." I said: "Nothing, thanks to Grandpa's
instructions . "grandfather heard laughed again. My father and I also laughed. At this
time, trees have been lost all the leaves, we laughed.

 Instructor: Feng Yongkang

 Submission :2005-4-515: 36:34
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