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									Grandpa and bike grandpa bike

 grandfather bike bamboo chair the morning

 grandfather and a bike
 grandfather and a bike
 Jiaxing City, Wenchang Road Primary School 503 Steven Song Ling

  I am the age of two, grandfather retired. He tied the bike's crossbar on a small
bamboo chair. It was a mountain bike, the shape of a lot of fun, especially ring bells.
Each morning, Grandpa carried me to the bamboo chair, hanging around with me
everywhere. I saw the landscape, trees, flowers; see buildings, cars and people coming
and going; also see the pagoda, the Tate's crane, excavator and water truck ... ... This
fast-paced world, really make my day great!
-year-old, my children park upstream. Was his grandfather sent me with the bike's. I
first left home, it started to cry, grandpa comfort me quite a while to go. Not to the
school hours, visible in the window so I picked my grandfather. Looking at Looking
at the distance of a forehead bare old man took a mountain bike came towards here.
"Is my grandfather! Yes, my grandfather!" I called up. Grandpa gave me every
morning, pick me up at night, so after three years.
-year-old, I was in elementary school, far away from home. I grew up, beam on a
small bamboo chair that does not have to sit down, I sat bike racks on the back.
Grandpa gave me morning, noon to pick me up after lunch gave me, pick me up at
night. Every day. Every day we have lots to talk about stories, every day we are all
very happy!
, but also there was a witness to something: It was a rainy day, on the way home, bike
suddenly hit a rock, we all fell down. It may be the grandfather scared. He quickly got
up, grabbed me, looked me up and down left and right front, see if I was not broke.
"Thank God, no hurt." He said. Suddenly I found Grandpa's leg was bleeding,
"Grandpa, your legs hurt!" I shouted. "Nothing," he said, "old bones hard, hurt, and
just a moment."
  I was in fourth grade, the grandfather suddenly passed away, he went to another
world. I would very much like him, took his old mountain bike that bike well
preserved. Although rusty, but I always go for a free look.
  I do not believe that my grandfather always so away.
  Once in the street I see a forehead bare old man, like my grandfather. I am extremely
happy, Grandpa is back! Turn a thought, this is not possible, nor is the mountain bike
Moreover pull. I can not help but come to see the look. Certainly not my grandfather,
my grandfather did go.
  Another time, I saw a man riding a mountain bike, much like Grandpa riding that
bike, but cycling is not my grandfather. My grandfather did go.
  Grandpa again how much I want to take me to ride a bike. This is of course not
always possible.
  grandfather, paradise was riding a bicycle?
 Teacher: Ye Yan

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