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 grandmother angry
 Zhejiang Shaoxing Shao Xing County Pingshui completed the sixth grade under the
kitchen bright GU

 I have a respectable grandmother, she has 76 years old, silver-haired, his face
covered with deep wrinkles, but with a kind face.

 normal times, the grandmother is the One Who Loved me. Sometimes, aunt bought
goodies, she could not bear to eat, will leave me; if the father and mother to criticize
me, my grandmother always care for me a long shield their mistakes ... ...

 can be today, Because my heart is full of trouble, saw things we should temper.
Grandma see me, distressed and said: "how do you, and it is not put up with you?"
She kindly advised me, but I impatiently exclaimed: "I do not want you tube, my own
thing that they will solve. "

  grandmother listened to me, frowning, said angrily:" Well! you take my words as
'ear,' you from an early age so good, now grown up, not me old woman; if I had no
hand to hand you Lache Tai, which will do today? "

 I looked at my grandmother looked sad, heart feel uneasy, it softly went over shame
said: "Grandma, I'm sorry! I did not mean to hurt you, that I was too confused, you do
not mind, please? the saying goes, 'excluding villain than adults' do?"

 Through my efforts, grandmother of gas finally dissipated, and smiled!

 Comment: headstrong little of a good move, choose the real daily life, the material to
write. Article entire areas closely link the use of language to describe the character's
personality, the expression of vivid language, full of childlike.

 Shaoxing County Pingshui under the kitchen complete the sixth grade, Irving bright

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