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					Grab rubber rubber match

 rubber teachers start of the race

  grab rubber, I believe we all played it, and today we had a teacher under the
leadership embarked on a spectacular grab rubber match.
  rubber started snatching the first game, me and my opponent - Ma Liang is eyeing
the glued rubber, for fear of being taken away, 543 ... ... just listen to silence in the
classroom, at this time I was so nervous, I thought: I will grab the rubber it? In this
way, I took the tense mood, started to the most hateful and Ma Liang is my teacher
said no one there to hear the left hand or right hand, no way, we had to grab a random
result, we became a draw, no one win, I think: The next time I have to work harder,
listen carefully to the teacher said, grabbed the rubber, to win.
  second game was finally looking forward to the race started. When the teacher said
5432 ... ... when the terrible quiet classroom, "1" "baits very swiftly," a pair of hands
like an arrow to the speed at which a general rush from the rubber, Moment
classrooms in cheering, and I Ma Liang is a tie, I thought to myself: It was too
unlucky wife, and two consecutive all draw to win when I can Ah!
  last one started, I feel really excited and nervous, I thought: I can win it? This is
essential for a Council I win it? "54321", "baits very swiftly" I am lightning speed to
grab the rubber, to be the final victory.
  In this way, the rubber end of the game rush, and it makes me nervous to know ah
can not do anything!
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