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Good uncle uncle bully


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									Good uncle uncle bully

 uncle aunt bully teachers

  good uncle quiet Hill School 6 (3) Qiu Siji whenever the dead of night, I would sit in
silence In the window, watching the stars that shine in the sky, and think back with me
throughout the childhood of the great uncle for four years, recalls a piece past ... ...
  great uncle of a total of only hurt me and my little nephew of two children. Great
uncle of my love are many, he not only cared about my learning, physical health, but
also concerned about whether I have wronged. I remember when I was a senior, Yao
Yi-plus look at me to be bullied, always bully me. Hou then I timid, afraid to tell the
teacher, went home to tell her mother. Mom told me to tell the teacher, the teacher will
teach his great uncle I had to complain. Upon hearing great uncle is very angry and
said he must not be allowed at large, may point to his long memory. Noon after school,
he started harassing me half way, and I rushed around great uncle. Great uncle asked:
"You are added Yi Yao?" Added Yao Yi replied: "I am, what ah?" "Why are you
always going to bully her?" Great uncle, pointing to me. Great uncle to his counts are
all listed out, but he still denied. Great uncle serious tone up, increase the Yao Yi
stunned horror. Great uncle's earnest words he said, he does not agree. Great uncle's
loud voice up, and attracted many onlookers, great uncle was also in the presence of
so many people face to increase Yao Yi carry her up. Yao Yi blubber add up, but

  great uncle always told me: "people lie is to be eaten by wolves." But I found his
great uncle was also lying. I once great uncle at dinner, big uncle bought a fish that
was bought specifically for me. My joy was intense to know that I like to eat great
uncle, but the most burning of sweet and sour fish. Most of my fish were wiped out,
great uncle I asked why not eat meat? Great uncle, said: "I like to eat fish eyes, do not
like to eat meat." I stared, you can eat fish eyes I passed the kitchen, great uncle was
found eating the remaining fish. I could not help but cry out: "Great Uncle, are you
doing?" Big uncle said: "You're reading, is growing up, eat some good for the job
waiting for you to eat what I eat." I heard the nose of a sour, tears streaming down
could not resist. I know it is an uncle to my care and concern.
  This is a piece recalling past events, this touching some fan, I thought emotions. If
our society a few more people like my great uncle, just warm and fast

 Teacher: should the West Fong

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