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 gift of writing Mom Dad

 father's gift
 father's gift
 Yuan Pu Central Primary School, 6 (1 ) Class Zheng Dinglun

  summer day, my father and I strolled around the streets, walked into a watch shop.
Cabinets in an array of watches, I am like a fashionable and versatile watch. Dad will
be carefully looked at me, said nothing to buy it.
  father to buy me things have never been so readily, how shots today so generous? Oh,
he was fulfilling its own promise. Had a long period of time, some of my
compositions are under the guidance of his father, after the clip made by computer
search, this mother bear a grudge, she is very worried about my father spoiled me.
The father has been writing that the imitation can lay the basis for composition.
Recently, I play the "Soul Mountain fantasy" and Song Cheng, the mother see the
opportunity coming, let me write the two sites independently to verify his father's
guidance is correct. My father in my writing, such as the composition is wonderful
repeatedly promised, must give a present to me. Later I learned that he was very
nervous, afraid I was smashed, before her mother could not justify.
  composition written after each have to go through the personal acceptance of her
mother. Especially the first chapter, "Soul Mountain Tours Dreamland" was written,
the father is more than I have to wait, he kind of uneasy when writing to her mother's
face, like a lack self-confidence of students, until his mother revealed smile, he also
asked: "how? how like?" "Yes, yes," her mother spoke nodded with satisfaction. "How,
my son will not let them guide me lose face" looked like my father proud, and I
silently thought: This is my gift under the availability of it!
  saying goes: an inch of time is money. Father so readily bought this watch, definitely
time for me to treasure, a sense of time. When I wear it every day in the wrist, like an
clean, Qinru my heart and spleen. Endless flashing every second, as if urging the
moment I have to learn every day.
  Instructor: Yuan Jinfen

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