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  Yangling District, Shaanxi Province, Yangling High-tech school 51 Zhu Zhao
  Tracy. Charlie has been busy for 18 hours, his hospital has saved many patients.
  home, he looked at the PA Energy table, already at 12:35 on July 28, 2025, and he is
very hungry, come up with a number of high-nutrient rice, immediately eat. This time
I came to his house (at the time, I was sent to help the German national development,
I am a food inventors. Tracy. Charlie is my make friends) I took a hand loading bags
of food in the PVC membrane environment, he shouted: "Charlie, long time no see, I
invented a new food!" Tracy. Charlie said: "Let me see!"
  ", this is a man-made meat, before eating the meat of animals that people formed a
fishing phenomenon of killing, and now this issue is resolved! This man meat not
only delicious for broiled not produce nitrosamines, and that 50% protein, vitamin A,
B, C 15% respectively, only 5% of carbohydrates. it's material requirements is very
low, only one cabbage root of plant fiber, and then injecting a few drops of CA
nutrition, making it a variation of the fiber, and then add protein, a man-made meat on
it! only vegetable protein and protein on the line! "
" Zhu Zhao friend your invention changed the animals and humans can live in
harmony ah! "
  Just then, my primary school classmates Peng million flying (he is also me in
Germany) have come," Tracy. Charles, Zhu Zhao, all of you here ah!
  "We are watching the man meat! "Charlie and I shared answer.
" I have invented a food called CVAD cannabis. "
" CVAD twist? "
" Why is it called CVAD twist? And no distinction between ordinary braided
appearance ah! "I asked:
" because this twist in vitamins C, A, D, as to why a V ah, it is for some of them
fluently. This twist is kelp, mushrooms, noodles made of barley. It melt into the sea,
land and the food tastes plateau. It is in the barley into the kelp noodles, fungus
nutrition foam, because of seaweed, fungus is a high-protein food, so the protein
content of 55%, 10% carbohydrate. "
" Now the market has a lot of new food, we go and see! "I suggested.
  FCH sea and air so we sat with the three speed of light trucks with a thriving
underground of food to the supermarket (Berlin's largest food supermarket). Nutrition
potato, BCA fans, notoriety (DBZ tofu) ... ... all invented. We walked along looking at
the wide variety of new food products, with feeling: "Modern technology is really
developed Yeah! "

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