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 catch sparrows Tongxiang Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province, plant materials Primary 5 (2)
Wang Hao
 Sunday, my friends and I made an appointment to catch sparrows.

 to get up early in the morning, friends would come to my house. I had to jump out of
bed, dressed quickly wash breakfast.

  and then, and this I took some rice with a few friends on the concrete floor of our
house door. Then, we Quban a few bricks to. And from which I come up with a
bamboo house plaque, the following supports with a wooden stick. A rope tied to a
wooden top. This is a very long rope. Tied to a stick on top. Another one I took to it
from the more distant and hidden places. Then we all went into hiding. All ready to do
a good job, we will patiently wait for the sparrows to be taken in the right time.

  we are waiting, waiting ... ... At this point, we can not talk, can not be activities for
fear of little sparrow can not see or hear eating. Then we will just waste of time. Until
then, was impatient, and later, all impatient. My friends say: "Sparrow will not come,
we go back!" I order to catch sparrows, resolutely said to them: "I want to catch
sparrows, you go, you left Well, I am a man is to catch the sparrow. you must have
patience. you saw a hen hatching a chicken thing? the hens are so patient. "They
listened to me, immediately quiet down. This time, I saw movement in the bamboo
plaque there on to my friends "Hush," a cry. They immediately calm down. This time,
really oddly peaceful. Wait until the sparrows went inside to eat rice bamboo tablet, I
immediately pulled the rope. "Pop" slamming, bamboo tablet fell down, all the
sparrows flew away. We have caught a big cock.

 look at the large cock, we all "Ha ha," laughed. We all laughed a little stomach ache.

 Instructor: Feng Yongkang

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