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 calm autumn autumn left

 frank Akiba

 frank Akiba
 Guangdong Ho Yip Primary School, Shenzhen, 5 (2) spot Chen Ying Shi
 fruitful time when the

 You are in the autumn in the

pleasure passing

 lush of you come from

 tree is left to bear fruits

 and sturdy branches

 himself away is the yellow body

 You leave in silence,

 left to the earth is an affectionate

 Have you ever

 brilliant sun

 affirms that the true nature of

 branch of passion love, can you% D % A
 no pain that

 is a frankly do

 crash may never regretted

% D ah Akiba % A
 deep feeling you kiss the earth
 is not the pursuit of romantic indulgence

 breath of spring but to nurture

 You do not complain about autumn

 because you believe you fall

 is not equal to perish

 after several wind and rain

 Dongxue melt

 you believe -

 coming Spring

 new green branches is their regeneration

I watched Akino

 dream of my life

 former life I also have a

% autumn of calm D% A Tutor: Chen Ying Shi

 Submission :2004-5-2812: 55:21
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