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									Fly eggs egg safety

 fly's egg safety first

 fly fly eggs

 eggs Yiwu Experimental Primary School 5 (4) Ban Huang Sheng

  retaining eggs last successful students also face a challenge today. That is: flying
under the egg from the third floor without breaking.
  The activity of the second lesson in the afternoon held. Because the task associated
to eat eat get burned pancake problem. Tempted by the food, the students are prepared
for a long time, because no one wanted to eat a delicious waffles. I am no exception.
  morning, I was thinking how to make egg land safely too! I first thought of using
home-made parachute, because the parachute air resistance is a big, can reduce egg
landing impact, can play a buffer role.
  I use two plastic bags to do a parachute, following the little big top that, so you can
better slow rate of decline. To be easier said than done, do a parachute when I
encountered many difficulties. First of all, that the eight long thin line to accidentally
wrapped up, the parachute mess. And so many lines, there is a will not fasten the
safety of the eggs flying a threat, this approach seems good.
  and then I thought my helicopter model, that aircraft will have the pull up, you can
make up for "parachute" shortcomings. But the trouble farmers are coming. When I
loaded the plane better, how can the aircraft is not fixed in a soft plastic bag, and with
double-sided glue, no, the aircraft can not guarantee and plastic bags together. Plug a
hole or line.
  Finally, I decided to do a large plastic bag or some of the parachute. I put a
parachute-shaped cut in a plastic bag, then in each corner a hole in each corner of the
Department of a line, then egg cup and fixed as a single entity. Although a parachute
is done. There is still a certain speed can drop that coherence for an egg is a killer. It
should be fixed egg cup and stuck some of the soft stuff, I put some of the napkin
tightly wrapped up the whole egg, then egg in a cup fixed.
  so that an egg aircraft on the well.
  second lesson to, immediately, eggs flying dream will be realized. We went to the
first floor to test students stayed on the third floor.
  that I had, I put the parachute opened, then a let go, eggs to float along down the
parachute ride down. I immediately went downstairs, the students say; "You're ill." I
can not wait to open the tightly sealed in a glass, ah! Eggs did not break, it is to get
some sleep!
  Chen child fluttering of flag approach is also very wonderful, and she only took the
umbrella, then the eggs, a little package a bit, hanging on the handle, and then discard
them, even with the drop-down egg umbrella, landing in the forthcoming Flash,
umbrella turned upside down, umbrella tip down, umbrellas upward, eggs not touched
the ground, of course, eggs are not broken. We are extremely excited.
 This event is really interesting, it made me understand the truth: so long as their
brains, intelligent, fragile eggs fly.
 Teacher: Weng Xuezhen

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