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									Naughty little Miao Miao farm naughty

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 naughty little Miao Miao
 naughty little Miao Miao
 Jiangning School 5 (2) Ban Chen Yi Yan

  There is a song called "Let Me Happy worry", that is my mood this week.
  last year, our school organized a Fall Camp, Fall Camp, we watched the farm to farm
picking cotton, a cotton farmer uncle also told the role. At the same time gave us some
cotton seed. After returning home, I put them in the balcony in the sun for a long time,
and then store them with the wrap up well.
  recent warm weather, I put a large pot of soil loose a loose, put them planted. Also a
week, "the brothers" team shot a neat row, their heads inclined in having a white hat
with a cotton ball, very funny. Yesterday morning, when I went to their water, they
found, naughty little buds threw his hat aside and held two round leaves, like two
beautiful "Yellow Butterfly" stop in a pot really makes people happy.
  original, planted cotton seeds, I did not expect it to grow back, but now see that such
a cute pair of "twins", the Daorang up my sadness. I can cultivate a good them? What
kind of care they need, when will bear the cotton come from? It seems I have to look
it up next week on "cotton" in the lecture.

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