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					Fall in the small village - the fall of writing describing the fall of autumn

 description of the fall in hill fall

  seven-day National Day holiday release, his father said, take me to the countryside
to visit her grandmother, Grandma more than 50 km away from the city a small
mountain village, we take an hour to come to the foot of a mountain, then down a
bumpy mountain road to Grandma departure.
  of all the mountains are so in to me strange, then to beauty. Along the way, I saw the
vast expanse of corn, the corn shell has helped break off, leaving the next stud is pale
yellow of corn, more like a girl were slim. Finished rice has been harvested, the rice
fields of neat though also exudes the fragrance of rice. Mountain trees are wearing
yellow clothes, a gust of wind blowing, leaves falling from the trees, like a yellow
butterfly dancing only.
  My father and I walked and enjoyed the beautiful scenery, the grandmother
unwittingly came home, saw a door on the roof, ceiling beams hung with strings of
golden corn, the yard filled with stripping good corn, laying a thick layer, I put off
your shoes and run around in the pile of corn, corn kernels against my feet, itching
trace of, really fun! Uncle then told us: "This year's harvest guys, and received a total
of several tons of corn it!" Said this time, Uncle's face covered with a harvest of joy.
  play at grandma house for two days because the unit where his father was reluctant
to leave something, and the mountains fall, the U.S. really ah! Autumn is a season of
harvest, I like fall, I prefer the autumn harvest this everywhere filled with the joy of a
small mountain village. - Thanks for reading this article, this article from [worry
document] collection and sorting, to thank the original author /

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