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					Eternal green seedlings planted

 permanent record planting small seedlings

 permanent green

 permanent green
 zhongluotan Guangzhou, Guangdong Primary 5 (4) Class Liujun Lin
 spring is the planting season in March. This morning, spring blow on one's face,
sunny, teachers of small classes with our reporter, went to Jin Ying Park, the first
small-press field activities - tree planting.

  tree-planting site, enchanting scenery. To our classes small press, but attend to these,
dry with a hammer. I and Si Hua, Wan Fen divided into one group. At first, I and
Wanfen roll up their sleeves, hands clenched hoe, bending down, little by little arched
further digging, sweat streaming down his face from us, but also attend to swipe, and
finally dug a big, deep soil pit. Then, Sri Lanka China seedlings into the hole gently
and carefully the root of mud buried the trees. Wan Fen soil with a hoe to get into the
hole, then stepped on the soil trampled flat. Finally, I picked up a bucket of water
ready to water the saplings. Suddenly, I remember the "mahogany" This one, who said
trees: trees to grow into old tree, it is necessary to root deep underground to find water,
Kap Shui growth, develop independent of the heart. Thought of this, I put half a
bucket of small trees irrigated to the hope that small seedlings will develop an
independent growth of heart. Finally the tree seed Well, we took a photo in front of it
the permanent photo, hope that years later, the small trees grow into a tree, to give
people shade, shelter ... ...
% D % A Yi Keke small trees sway in the breeze in his head, as if grateful for small
reporters. We read, feel happy in bloom ... ...

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