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Primary Five (2) Zhan Yongjian
 recent teacher has told us: "Now the power of our country there are still some
problems, especially to our more serious power shortage in Zhejiang Province.
Remember last summer often power outage days? Therefore, we should save
electricity from now on. hope we ponder how to find ways to save electricity from
their start, let us save energy, in the summer to keep power, less power. " We have
heard, are moving up from the thinking brain. Some even told the students to discuss
with the discussion. I listened to the views of many people, draw their energy savings

 after school, I went back home to save on electricity parents said something and my
measures. They both agreed to my proposal and measures, and said I am wiser, I'm
able praise.

 From that day, I pay attention to everything everywhere to conserve electricity.
Afternoon, the sky is not completely dark, I would insist on not turn on the lights. One
day, the sky is already dark, but I still do not turn on the lights to conserve electricity,
and called my father and mother can not turn on the lights. They see me a firm stand,
also agreed. Later, I'm going to the bathroom. Then, around the very dark, almost
blind to the opposite things. With my only memory, feeling the walls went to the toilet.
To the toilet, just move on ... ... I forgot the ground stood a bucket of water, or go
forward as usual. Feet trip over a bucket above it, people go out into the forward hit
his head on the wall. "OMG, are killing me!" Mom and Dad heard the cry of my
driving lights immediately hurried over and asked me: "What? Matter?" I held back
the pain, said: "It does not matter, you do not turn on the lights ah !, "mother said:"
Children, now the sky was dark, and it should turn on the lights you see that it is not
saving power, which reached the opposite. "I was not going to turn off the light of the.
Then I knew when to energy savings have to save electricity, it should be a time when
electricity was to electricity. Later, I told the students say this one thing. They gave
me some good ideas: to prepare a flashlight, candles ... ... I would like to Yes, last
year's blackout, we are not used this flashlight to solve some of the difficulties
brought me no electricity.

  now, homework, and I have done in school, especially the very long lunch break, I
eat while on lunch break to do homework. Well, can then take a break. I came home
from school the afternoon of homework do not do a. In the night I go to bed earlier.
Once I went to bed early, do not sleep on the bed at once to play up. Playing with
playing, the breeze, hanging clothes in front of a fluttering up, startled me. So, I
immediately want to turn on the lights. I felt my way to find the switch. Just about to
turn on the lights, I am reminded of their commitment: to conserve electricity. So, I
put my hand shrink back, dark back to bed, got into a quilt, kept his head up. Because
I grew up on the ghosts, revisit some of the me about ghost stories, so I daring small.
Later, I would like common sense lessons on moral education course in the teacher
told us that the world is no ghost, talk about science and oppose superstition. So, I
ventured to thrust his head out great to be around and close their eyes to sleep.

  Now, father and mother determined to see my energy savings is so large, and
therefore would support me. Wait until the end of the month, look at the meter reading
of electricity meters after the workers, said: "how electricity this month so you have
less than usual, less than half." I am pleased to say to him: "Now is about to peak ,
and we can use to make electricity, not to power cuts, so we implemented a number of
home energy efficiency measures. "" Well, you the headband well. If we do not like
you, it must will further limitations in it! "" Yeah! us all to conserve electricity now!
from ourselves and from the side of the little things! quickly to Act! "

% D % A Instructor: Feng Yongkang

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