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Education forget forget a person


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									Education forget forget a man

 forget personal teacher education

  dozen years have passed, and now I have grown a flush of youth, out of the naive
childhood. I forget the hard raising my parents, even forget my many years of mentor
training - Zhou Daqing teacher.
  from the first grade, you will come to our side and started to teach us these callow
Xiaopi Hai. Although we do not understand anything, but you are careful to teach
with, without any complaints. Even if sometimes we tiresome to you, you are also
clicking on the name, knock a few tables, never go to war. Happy when you smile
from ear to ear often, and also reward some of our gadgets, allows us to play, give full
play to the child's nature. So we are very obedient, you have to instill obedience in our
  I think you are an amiable, serious and responsible teacher. Not only that, you are
still a well-education and worked in the pacemaker.
  school to organizing the annual speech contest. As low grade, third grade for the first
time we participate in this activity, your confidence, everything you are responsible.
You see my voice loud and clear, good memory, but are timid and lack confidence in
electing me as the competition on the task. Which I know is you are interested in
training me, train me, and I am grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to learn.
Chou, your manuscript to choose a bed of roses, do not know how many read the
book, check how much data, after selecting manuscripts, but also after several days of
changes, finally forming the speech. I looked at that black eye socket, and your
bloodshot eyes that, I was determined to three (4) class struggle breath. I spent two
days took the manuscript back in verse, but also by your personally pointers, multiple
drills, game day, I give full play to the stage in the speech, won warm applause from
audience and achieved good grades in results won the honor for the class. You
laughed in joy.
  to leave you more than a year, and soon I will be a sixth-grade student. Every time I
got high marks in writing or by the teacher's praise, my first thought is you - Chou,
this is your credit.
  I remember in third grade and just started writing, I can not write, the face of writing
this monster, I am helpless. Each time you decorated diary is my greatest fear, I sat
before the desk, my mind blank, heart disorder, such as hemp rope was general.
Rough paper for a group to a group filled with trash, grasp the hair was a mess, I am
anxious crying. Finally brains, writing can only write a few lines. Then improve your
writing class as a key to change the destiny, I formed a deep bond and composition.
  You do not write us to let the students more quickly master the writing skills, at
home, organized a writing class, tuition is cheap, I decided to try. Under your
guidance, I learned the basis and method of writing, the most important thing is to see
extra-curricular books. The so-called study break rolls, write if God. Keep your home
has several cabinets book, you are very happy to have our free reading. I am in this
endless sea of books to absorb nutrients, get a lot of knowledge. My first essay, "My
self-portrait" in "Xiangfan Evening News" published. It also strengthened my
confidence in learning to write. Since then, I no longer afraid of writing a. I will be
more like reading books, and more accumulation of good words good words, so that
my writing richer.
 This is my first teacher, you can not forget my memory.
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