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 drinking perfume, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang
Province Wuzhen plant materials Primary 6 (2) Shen Zhen Jie
 in childhood, each individual will have some things yourself laugh. I had an
interesting, to their own for too long, now it's only a Xiangqilaijiu will laugh Qianfu
backward. Happened to my old one Sunday. Day nursery vacation, Mom and Dad out
to buy food was. I am also a person to stay at home to sleep.

  to about 8:00, I woke up from the bed down to the ground. Out of the house to see
my parents not at home, they felt that their stomach at the drums. I wanted to find
some to eat their own and eat them. Suddenly, I saw a table on which stood a pile of
bottles. The edge of a small piece of bread. I think this must have been mother to
bring me breakfast. I saw a beautiful bottle filled with something which does not
know. I am sure what good things to eat. So I open the bottle. Ah, good incense! I
thought to myself: "Mom nice, bought me something so good!" I saw it contained a
white greasy stuff, that certainly is the cream and the like, before my father often it I
wipe the bread to eat. So now own wipe it! I used a little finger on the bread until
golden. Hey, sticky, and the taste is not very good, how is not the same as the previous?
Oh, must be new species. I continued eating, breathing. Eating for a while, I feel a
little dry mouth, it readily picks up a bottle of red liquid to drink up. I think this is
what orange juice or something. Why, how this thing does not drink? I think it might
be defective it! Mom must have bought freeloaders. And so must his mother to come
back later told her not to buy inferior food.

 after I eat well, they have not returned, I see the VCD. After a ten minutes, I had pain
in his stomach up. I am busy to call his father. Dad immediately came back, listen to
me the whole process went to read something I ate, laughed and said: "This number is
your mother's cosmetics, how can you eat? Now we go to the hospital to see a doctor
see talk. "I find it very funny listening to their own. Later, the doctor said no major
problem, as long as no severe pain is no problem. I was relieved.

  childhood this interesting Do not you feel funny? I believe you have something like
it, then write them down and smiled, right?

 Instructor: Feng Yongkang

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