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  Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province Tongxiang Wuzhen plant materials Primary 6 (2)
Jiang Minhui
  remember a trip to grandma to play. I played for a while and asked grandmother:
"Grandma, sister then?" Grandma said: "your sister upstairs." "She is upstairs doing?"
"No, you go and see upstairs!"% D % A
  I quickly went upstairs and saw her sister was holding a doll to look at over and over
again. I can not help but ask loudly: "Sister, what are you doing?" Sister said: "I think
dolls are so lovely, it should be more for several sets of clothes, it will be even more
beautiful!" "Yes, yes! Then our sister together several sets of new clothes for dolls do
it! "" That would be great. two people together, must do more than one person alone
to do better. "So the two of us gets to get some clothes and things to do years. Soon,
we got the scissors, cloth, sewing ... ...

  we discuss a pick up a piece of cloth to make one look like doll clothes. I said:
"Better find someone to look at a costume book." "Yes, to see what styles are popular,
we do like clothes." We went to my aunt got a drawer of a clothing cutting book. Then
we read the two together to find a best clothing style. We set up like on the hands.
Sister with a piece of cloth painted in pink. I said: "sister, to doll clothes do than that.
So that a small, and not on the doll to wear." She said: "Yes, of course we have to
come in an innovative style." I clapped his hands and said: "The sister really smart!
"The two of us got together to start a new doll clothes came. Painting is completed,
my sister started to cut up. Good cloth cut after the two of us began to sew up. A
beautiful new clothes soon showed two of us ready. I took the new clothes, do a little
closer look at what that missing. Oh, yes, do the flower, sew clothes, and then
following some cloak, it was even more beautiful. I started adding them to the clothes.
I have to sew colorful clothes below the clouds, you put gauze around the circle.

 Well, all the good clothes, and we are very satisfied with seeing two people. We then
began to start a more beautiful doll clothes. Later, the grandmother knew, said:
"children, dolls are not people, do not change clothes every day to it ... ..." I said: "I
know, except to the doll clothes I can improve my skills and practical ability!"
Grandma had said : "Then as you have the."

 Instructor: Feng Yongkang

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